House Wiczlino – is it worth living in?

A house in Wiczlin is a guarantee of peace, nature and friendly neighbourhood. The estate offers a developed commercial, service and educational infrastructure. At the same time, you can enjoy the proximity to the Tricity Landscape Park. Homes in Wiczlin are eagerly chosen by families with children and those who value a slower pace of life.

Wiczlino is part of the Chwarzno-Wiczlino district in the western part of Gdynia. The city’s largest district covers 25.53 km² and has one of the lowest population density. More than 13,000 people live in Chwarzno-Wiczlin. inhabitants, and nearly 8 thousand. are people of working age. The population is gradually increasing – in 2010, Chwarzno-Wiczlino was inhabited by just over 7,000. Gdynia. The areas were only incorporated into Gdynia in the 1970s. Currently, Chwarzno and Wiczlino still attract with their rural character.

Gdynia Wiczlino House overlooking the Tricity . Landscape Park

In the area of ​​Wiczlin, single-family housing is dominated by meadows, fields and forests. Houses in Gdynia Wiczlin include both new homes completed by developers in recent years and homes built in the 80s and 90s. The center of the district, in other words compact buildings, is a reminder of the status of the village. For more than a dozen years, new residential areas have been regularly built, appealing with buildings with a classic look and a functional interior. Among the developers’ offer you will find mainly semi-detached and semi-detached houses with a private terrace, garden, garage and parking space.

One of the biggest advantages of houses in Gdynia Wiczlino is the proximity to nature. The estate is dominated by green areas – not only forests and parks, but also arable land. The dispersed development allows you to enjoy the privacy and comfort of using the gardens and areas close to the property. The houses for sale in Wiczlin have a large area – from more than 100 to even 300 m². Homes often have their own terraces and balconies with a view of the forest or the fields.

By choosing a house for sale in Gdynia Wiczlin, you will have quick access to the Tricity Landscape Park. Located nearby Krzylowa Goraie a moraine mound 188.3 m above sea level. The picturesque route is undemanding and will prove itself as a hiking spot for almost everyone. Residents also enjoy the charms of the region kacza flow with an outlet in Gdańsk Bay. It is also worth seeing Bridge over the Kaczą located on the edge of the Tricity Landscape Park.

Residents can also enjoy the restored area Wiczlinski Stream† The hiking trail along the piste allows you to appreciate the richness of the landscape of the Chwarzno-Wiczlino district.

Wiczlino is a district located far from the shoreline on the moraine hills. The air temperature is usually about 1-2 degrees Celsius lower than in coastal areas. In Wiczlin, summers are warmer and winters colder than in the coastal areas of the city.

Houses for sale in Gdynia Wiczlino – a perfect place for children

Houses for sale in Gdynia Wiczlino are also built in the vicinity of a developed commercial, service and educational infrastructure. Within the estate there are nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schoolsincl. Primary School No. 37 and the 17th Secondary School in Gdynia.

It should be put into operation in 2022 swimming pool at the Secondary School Complex No. 8which all residents can use after the lesson. The facility will be located in a new, separate wing with a separate entrance.

Wiczlino is a good estate for families with children, not only because of the access to educational institutions. Playgrounds, language schools, skate park … the youngest can use the spaces dedicated to their needs. Among other things, attention is drawn to a playground on the Chwarzno estate in ul. Block. There are spring rockers, a rodeo board set, an enclosed slide and climbing walls. In Wiczlin you can use Wiczlino Street Training Park

Houses in Wiczlin – a good space for residents

In Chwarzno-Wiczlino there is a police station, EkoPatrol which deals with environmental and animal protection, as well as a volunteer fire brigade with more than 110 years of tradition. Some of them devote themselves to the passion after working in the fire service, others have jobs not related to rescue. It wasn’t until 2021 that the OSP Wiczlino team came into action more than 200 times and this is a record year.

Wiczlino is adjacent to the Tri-City bypass, which facilitates communication with other parts of Gdynia, as well as with the entire Tri-City. Passing the estate, ul. Wiczlińska is the third longest street in Gdynia (7048 m) and one of the longest in the entire Tri-City.

It is located in the southern part Family green allotment.

There are several dining options in Chwarzno-Wiczlin. Pizzerias, cafes and even Asian food are available to the locals. There are also private medical offices and facilities with contracts with the National Health Fund.

House Gdynia Wiczlino – prices

How much do houses cost in Gdynia Wiczlino? Rates per m² start from 5,000. PLN, and end at about 14 thousand. zloty.

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