Forest Therapy – The Best Places in Europe

It reduces stress, helps with depression and improves concentration – forest therapy. We look at what you can best surrender to.

forest therapy that is forest therapy has recently become an increasingly popular treatment method. Being in contact with nature and being in the forest helps fight depression, the effects of prolonged stress, soothes neuroses, oxygenates the body and improves mobility. The therapy is also used in autism and age-related disorders. In Japan, the practice known as Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing is very popular. Over the next eight years, the Japanese spent a whopping $4 million researching the physiological and psychological effects of “forest bathing” and building 48 therapeutic pathways. The study found that the forest environment significantly lowers the stress hormone cortisol, as well as slightly lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

Where in Europe for Forest Therapy Options? We advise.

1. Druskininkai, Lithuania† Druskininkai, a spa town in southern Lithuania, is located in the Dzukija region, known as “the lungs of Lithuania”. In Druskininkai, pine forests, nutritious mineral spring water, therapeutic mud, clean air and remoteness from urbanized trails attract wellness seekers from all over the world. In addition to numerous SPAs and Medical SPAs, the city has the Dineiki Spa Park, where medical treatments and physical exercises are combined with natural elements. The healing rituals in the park are based on a unique treatment method that includes sun, air, water, exercise and well-being. Those who want to make the most of their stay in Druskininkai are complete forest therapy oxygen flow procedures that can be found at Druskininkai Gydykla.

2. Devon, UK. Horner Wood on the Holnicote Estate in Devon is one of the largest and most impressive ancient oak woodlands in Britain. The forest is open to the surrounding moorland, creating a natural gradation of vegetation from deep in the open. The sheep and deer encountered inhabit the forest land, and more than 320 species of mosses and lichens can be found on old oaks and ash trees. Hundreds of beetle species and most British bat species are found here. Nestled amid expansive 267 square miles of former meadows, Horner Wood offers visitors the opportunity to admire wildflowers and a wide variety of animal species, or relax under an impressive 500-year-old oak tree.

3. Sanilles, Spain. Place for forest therapy in Spain, the Sanillés ecological project is located in the Spanish Pyrenees, just a two-hour drive from Barcelona. The Mediterranean climate, 300 sunny days a year and an altitude of 1066 meters above sea level provide a healthy, calm and relaxing environment. This unique natural space with a mild microclimate offers a range of concept-based recovery programs forest therapistj.

4. Gardoussel, France. Another popular destination for forest therapy enthusiasts in Europe is the resort of Gardoussel (“bird watch”), which is located in one of the most unspoilt spots in the south of France. Nestled in the picturesque Cevenna Mountains, Gardoussel is surrounded by 45 acres of private meadows and pine forests, as well as evergreen oak forests of the Mediterranean. What can guests count on? For reflective walks in the woods, courses that develop the ability to collaborate and understand.

5. Mark, Norway. Norwegians love “friluftsliv”. This word translates as “outdoor living”. A great place to discover the charms of friluftsliv in Norway is Marka – a huge, still largely untouched area near Oslo. The dense forest has several thousand miles of hiking trails. The surrounding forests are a source of recreation that is regularly used by the city dwellers, but also by more and more foreign tourists, both in summer and winter.

6. Masuria and Warmia, Poland. Masurian forests provide ideal conditions for forest therapy† Pine forests, clusters of deciduous trees and beautiful lakes all around. This forest treatment place is recommended and recommended by botanists from the University of Warmia and Mazury. We recommend Natura Mazur Resort & Conference Warchały with Dębowe SPA, located on the cleanest lake in Poland, Świętajno. Around natural coniferous forests with air saturated with essential oils! It is also worth taking advantage of the charms of Camp Spa in Ględy. Attractions? Massages, sauna and herbal baths in open air baths, plus proximity to the forest.

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