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Lexgo Phantom Electric Skateboard

An effective electric skateboard with colorful lighting and speakers that allow you to play music via Bluetooth. The hoverboard has two motors with a total power of 400 W, which accelerate the equipment to a maximum of 10 km / h, and the built-in battery allows you to travel 10 km on a single charge. Unlike many other electronic skateboards, the Lexgo Phantom will also work in the field – it has large tubeless wheels with a diameter of 6.5 inches. Load: 100kg.

Spokey E-Longbay Electric Skateboard

A popular longboard with an electric motor? Spokey E-Longbay is a hybrid that combines the properties of a classic board with the drive generated by an electric motor (power 2 x 350 W). We control the device with a Bluetooth remote control, with which we increase the speed (up to 20 km/h), reverse and brake. We can also choose three modes: slow, medium and fast, and use the longboard in a classic way, with the engine off. The built-in battery will allow you to cover 16-20km depending on driving style, and we will fully charge it in four hours. The board itself is made of seven layers (five layers of maple and two bamboo) and the maximum load is 100 kg.

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are currently breaking popularity records and two-wheelers from Xiaomi are quite popular due to their good value for money. The Mi Pro 2 can travel 45 km on a single charge and thanks to Kinetic Energy Recovery technology (KERS), energy is recovered during braking and parking, further extending its range. The 300 W motor accelerates it to 20 km / h (in accordance with current regulations), we can also choose one of the predefined driving modes (sport, standard, pedestrian and pavement driving). Driving safety is guaranteed by the brakes with a regenerative non-locking E-ABS system and a comprehensive lighting system.

Aprilia E-SR2 Electric Scooter

Another electric scooter with a pure, sporty design. Made of steel, aluminum and plastic, with a maximum load of 100 kg and an efficient motor of 350 W. It allows you to accelerate to 25 km / h, we can travel 25 km on a single charge, we can also couple the scooter to the application where we will perform vehicle diagnosis. We can choose from three driving modes, in addition, we can use the cruise control and the KERS energy recovery system to slightly increase the range of the vehicle.

Torpado Era D17 Electric Bike

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular and the motors used in them support the strength of our muscles during long routes or uphill climbs. On this bike, the 250W motor is centrally positioned for optimal, even weight distribution with a low center of gravity and the closest feel to riding a traditional bike. The motor with a spacious battery allows you to travel up to 80 km, and the battery life is estimated at 300 charges – all this data can be read on the LCD screen on the handlebar. The bike has seven more gears, front shock absorbers, adjustable saddle, Saiguan disc brakes and large 28-inch wheels, and the base is a 17-inch frame made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Ducati MG-20 U14 Electric Bike

The Ducati brand is mainly associated with the production of motorcycles, but the offer also includes this electric bike with an interesting design. It has a foldable 14-inch magnesium frame, which – despite the built-in battery – is no less than 30 percent. lighter than an aluminum frame, as well as small 20-inch wheels with 20 x 2,125 tires, which provide lightness and maneuverability in the city. The brushless motor in this model is located in the rear hub, has a standard power of 250 W and with a spacious LG battery you can travel 50 km on a single charge. The battery life is estimated at 800 charges and the charging process itself takes 4-5 hours. The bike also has six gears.

The E-Mio Destina electric scooter

An electric scooter is a vehicle that we use on public roads, not a bicycle path, and it is a cheaper and much greener alternative to diesel two-wheelers. E-Mio Destina has a very tasteful retro design and the 2000 W motor used in it will accelerate it to a maximum of 45 km / h, while the battery will allow you to travel 50 km on a single charge (charging takes 4-5 hours). Furthermore, the scooter has three gears, disc and drum brakes, as well as a built-in anti-theft alarm and rear wheel lock. Speed, battery level and other information can be read on the LCD counter.

E-Mio Agile Electric Scooter

The E-Mio Agile electric scooter, in turn, is a proposal for lovers of a more modern and even a little futuristic design. The maximum speed of the scooter is also 45 km / h, but the range is already 60 km. It can easily climb slopes of up to 15 degrees and the 10-inch wheels ensure good maneuverability of the vehicle. We also have a reverse gear available. There are also some useful extra functions: an alarm kit and a smartphone app, a practical storage space for documents and a telephone in the steering wheel and a larger one, for example for shopping or a backpack, under the seat, as well as a USB port for charging devices. Load: 150kg.

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