Commenting on her stepfather’s relationship with her younger “stepmother”, Andziak said: “We don’t see ANY PROBLEM in this. It’s just age…”

Angelika Zając, better known as andziaks, For years she has been fulfilling herself as a Youtuber and influencer, eagerly reporting on even the most intimate details of her life. For example, the vlogger boasted on the web that because she was pregnant, she ordered her beloved stripper, later she also posted on her channel detailed birth report his daughter Charlotte. Although it seems like Andziaks has already shown fans almost everything, she still doesn’t give up on documenting her daily life. For example, she recently let fans know that that she lost her Cartier engagement ring again…

ABOUT Andziaks Recently, however, it has been spoken out loud not only because of his crazy adventures, but also in context the emotional life of her stepfather, Wojciech Kurowski. Although the man broke up with the influencer’s mother a few years ago, he is still present in her life. In the past, Kurowski also appeared quite often on the Andziaks channel, which brought him not only recognition, but even his own group of fans – his Instagram profile follows as many as 80,000 people.

For some time now, Kurowski eagerly shows the observers a new chosen one of his heart, Julia Kusmierek – who is decades younger than him. Not only that, the man’s beloved has fewer feathers than his 24-year-old stepdaughter. However, the couple has no intention of worrying about the age difference between them and is increasingly eager to brag about their feelings online. For example, recently lovers reported a joint trip to Italy, during which Kuśmierek absorbed the reading “I am an underage wife.”

Andziaks recently hosted an Instagram livestream where she answered a few questions from fans. Among them there were also devotees her stepfather’s relationship with a much younger lover.

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For example, Andziaks was asked if she was initially disturbed by the new relationship of her mother’s ex-partner. The influencer strongly denied this and emphasized that that her whole family “lives lightly”, and its members do exactly what they want. Therefore, they are not in the habit of worrying about the opinions of others.

We don’t mind such things at all. I know it’s so strange to a lot of people and it’s such a thrill while it’s not a big deal for us. We live very light, both me, Luka and Wojtek. We seem to have such a tactic, that we do what we want, we say what we want, we have fun as we want, we don’t watch what others say and it’s the same in this case – explained the Youtuber.

Andziaks assured her that she was happy with her stepfather’s relationship with Julia Kusmierek and that she loved the woman dearly. As she admitted, she sees no problem in the age difference between the couple — she also added that Kurowski’s behavior seems much younger than he actually is. During the live, the youtuber also referred to the criticism of her stepfather. Andziaks stated that many internet users who are negative about Kurowski’s relationship with his younger partner are actually struggling with a lack of happiness in love…

I’m happy for my stepdad because Julia is a very nice girl. And I’m glad they’re doing well and this is the most important thing, and the people who play with it, well this is it, you know… They probably don’t have the best relationship if so it’s great but there will definitely be people who don’t have it but comment on it. So we are very positive and see no problem in it, as some do. It’s just age. As you know, Wojtek practically acts as if he were our age, so it’s just an age and a number – she added.

On the latest live broadcast, Andziaks not only brought up her stepfather’s relationship, but also shared a confession with her fans. Influencerka revealed that: that her biological father died in December last year.

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The man looks like Berlusconi and drives the same.

The man had a nice woman with a normal age class, raised with passion and he found a child because you can’t call it anything else, and although I understand openness, freedom of choice etc. 65 year old man with a 22 year old girl. I wonder if the same gentleman wouldn’t have fashionable Gucci/Dior clothes, cash in his account and for example be a bus driver (with full respect for bus drivers), or if the same lady would fall in love with him so much, I dare this one suggestion to answer that in 100% NOT

they are all a bit off in this family

I’m just saying this…?

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True and sincere love always touches me 😀

When a grandpa starts picking up her daughters, things get fun.

can you imagine what your friends at school say about her? He must have been screwed. I can’t believe a 19-year-old girl would do such things voluntarily, fully aware of the consequences. I think her mind has been darkened by her desire for fame and easy money. It is a pity that she chose the most worthy path and sold herself for money …

But what disgust there was when they read in history that, for example, kings took a child as their wife.

I understand age differences… 10 or max 20 but 40? Bleeeee

They live very lightly as her boyfriend is her boyfriend HE . has sent

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She doesn’t see the problem at all 😀 That her husband is bisexual and cheated on her at a bachelor party with a boyfriend is no problem either… You cling to her 😂 The most important thing for her is that the money is right and there are many observers on it insta.

Sick relationship, granddaughter with grandpa. Young love of money and rise

Just not this….

28 minutes ago

If I were this girl’s parents, I’d be devastated to see my daughter meet a man older than me… 🤮

you live “light”, one word and everything in the subject 🙂

The difference is mainly intellectual

I wonder what happened to Yuri. It looks like the end of love.

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