Cisowianka Mazovia MTB Marathon was held for the twelfth time in Olsztyn

Summer is turning: the Cisowianka Mazovia MTB Marathon was held in Olsztyn for the twelfth time

Summer can be associated with curly ice cream. With spinning mills. But in Olsztyn, the summer will be associated with setting the best times by participants and participants of the next marathon of Mazovia, which took place on Sunday (3.07).

The peloton from Mazovia came to Olsztyn for the twelfth time. The landscapes of Olsztyn and the friendliness of the local authorities are conducive to the organization of MTB marathons. A trip to the capital of Warmia and Masuria usually takes place around summer and it is a nice springboard from the Masovian plains. The athletes are already seasoned in combat and their muscles are ready for sharper efforts. It is therefore not surprising that in the anniversary year of Mazovia, which is celebrating its eighteenth birthday, the trip to Olsztyn should not be missed.

The city welcomed the cyclists with the benefits of the inventory. Demanding singletrack or climbs that effectively inhibit the enthusiasm of hasty players always make the battle on the Olsztyn route bearable. The arrows prepared by Cezary Zamana’s team guided the pack through the Pro and Fit distances in such a way that it was impossible to get lost in even the craziest set of turns.

On the Pro distance course, Aldona Trzebiatowska (Bogdziewicz Team Cumulus) was the best, reaching the finish with a time of 01:46:05. The second was Adrianna Owczarek (Komorniki MTB Team, 01:47:47), and the third was Emilia Andrzejczyk (Damar Transport, 01:48:01). Grzegorz Maleszka (Dachland Centrum Rowerowe Olsztyn Team) triumphed among the men at this crown distance, resulting in 01:18:09. He overtook Mateusz Maleszka (Dachland Centrum Rowerowe Olsztyn Team, 01:18:10) and Wojciech Dąbkowski (Logwin Poland, 01:22:45). Among the ladies who took part in the Fit distance, Kornelia Obrazińska (Travelo MTB Team) proved unbeatable and the ride ended with the result 00:43:24. She left behind Maja Kateszczenko (MTB Ełk Prostki, 00:43:44) and Magdalena Bielecka (Broken from Chain, 00:45:31). Leszek Hoppe (Baszta Bytow) triumphed in the men’s competition at Fit, who arrived at the finish after 00:35:54. Next up was Maksymilian Wierzbicki (MTB Ełk Prostki, 00:36:34), then Arkadiusz Bińczak (Cyklo Kwidzym, 00:36:53).


After a tiring, fast-paced marathon, refresh yourself at the Lake Race Base and Water and Ice Sailing Center. On a day when summer made itself felt so intense, it was impossible to dream of any other location. A more interesting start to a sports holiday is hard to imagine.

Even though I’m working on the Olsztyn Marathon for the twelfth time, I always try to prepare as if I were making my debut here. By working hard to mark the routes and improve the organizational facilities, the players leave Olsztyn tired but happy – emphasizes Cezary Zamana, sports director of Cisowianka Mazovia MTB Marathon. † The great thing is that we had riders of all ages at the competition. The hunger for sports emotions plagues children, adolescents and adults alike.

It will be possible to satisfy this hunger soon. This is because on July 19, Cezary Zamana invites you to the Lublin region and the gravel race in Janów Lubelski. And on the last Sunday of the month, so on July 31, the Mazovia platoon returns to the lakes – to the Miss Summer Beauty, that is Brodnica. All information about the competition can be found at

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