Are you going on holiday with an electrician? Check out these promotions!

An electric car could prove to be an interesting choice for this year’s vacation trip, not just because of the high fuel prices. Owners of zero-emission cars that draw energy from batteries can benefit from specially prepared actions.

Free passage on highways

On popular routes in Poland, including highways or near them, we already find a number of fast chargers that allow an acceptably comfortable journey. So we don’t have to worry about the range of most electricians.

In addition, we do not pay for selected sections of toll roads as part of the “Motorways to electromobility” special promotion. According to PSPA, drivers registered with EV Club Polska will be able to use the video tolling sections for free from July 4: A1 (Toruń – Gdańsk), A2 (Konin – Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław – Sośnica and Kraków – Katowice) . The promotion also applies to other roads with the Autopay application integrated with the state’s e-Toll system.

The first edition of the “Highway to electromobility” campaign attracted great interest. This is demonstrated by the fact that the participants in this pilot project made a total of almost 4,000 free rides with electric cars, which amounted to more than 160,000. kilometers traveled. Thanks to this, almost 19 thousand. kg of carbon dioxide. The undeniable success of this project influenced the taking of further actions and the expansion of the campaign with additional toll sections of highways. As a result, drivers of electric vehicles registered with EV Klub Polska can now travel virtually free of charge throughout Poland.

Łukasz Lewandowski, coordinator of EV Klub Polska, organizer of the “Highway to electromobility” campaign.

(photo: PSPA)

To take advantage of the promotion, intended for electric cars (including hydrogen cars), you must register at EV Klub Polska and then complete the registration form in the club panel. If we pass the verification, a link will be generated that will allow you to register or login to the Autopay application. The last step is to fill in the necessary data, including those relating to the electric car.

Please note that the “Motorways to Electromobility” promotion is valid from July 4 to the end of August 2022 (or until funds are exhausted). In addition, we are exempt from toll for 5 trips along motorways that fall under the video toll system.

Free kilowatt hour from GreenWay

The largest operator of fast and public chargers in Poland is GreenWay. It is very likely that we will use this company’s chargers during our vacation trip. So let’s get free kilowatt-hours as part of the “Get your energy for vacation” action.

GreenWay has prepared for its customers:

  • If we use the Energia Standard plan, we can get a 50% discount on the monthly subscription fee if we decide to switch to one of the two paid plans – Energia Plus or Energia Max. It is worth remembering that the plan changes must be implemented in the period from 1 July to 31 August.
  • However, if we are already using Energia Plus or Energia Max plans, we can top up for free. In the case of the Energia Plus plan it is 20 kWh and in the case of Energia Max we gain 80 kWh. To take advantage of this promotion, you must activate the discount code after logging in to the Customer Portal: SUMMER2022

It is also worth mentioning that the anti-slip plate 2.0 has been extended until October 31, 2022. This means that the price list for charging services with a VAT rate of 5% (instead of 23%) was also automatically extended until the end of October. The current charging prices can be found here.

In addition, GreenWay has decided to increase the charging time for AC chargers from 180 minutes to 600 minutes. As a result, we pay less when we leave the electric car on the charger for a longer period of time.

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