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The project in Warsaw cannot be regarded as successful last season. The team scored 36 points in 26 games and finished only ninth. Piotr Gacek stated that it was a very difficult campaign in terms of sports results. – We are disappointed with this result. We practically did not make it to the playoffs at our own request, because the level of games we played in the second round was different from the norm and the level of the players we had in our ranks – said the vice president in the club media.

PlusLiga. Next Season’s Vision in Project Warszawa

The sports director of the team from the capital admitted that if there is no specific result, then either the training methods will be changed or some personnel changes will be made. The authorities of the club decided to do this. According to the announcement of Projekt Warszawa, from next season it will be a new team, in which the most experienced players will be strengthened by ambitious and young volleyball players.

– So I would like to finish a certain stage, which was last season. It was for me the most difficult season in terms of sport in the whole period of my adventure with volleyball. I’ve often had the pain of defeat, but when it’s affected on the pitch, it hurts a little differently. Therefore, I can understand the disappointment of the fans and partners of our club, but from this point I would like to convey that the sports future of Project Warsaw has been secured and created in such a way as to avoid such situations – assured Pjotr ​​Gacek.

Piotr Gacek on the interview with Bartosz Kwolek: it’s a lie

The Warsaw project has undergone a significant workforce revolution. The club was left by Michał Superlak, Jan Fornal, Janusz Gałązka, Bartosz Kwolek, Jay Blankenau and Dusan Petković, among others. They were replaced by Jan Firlej, Maciej Stępień, Niels Klapwijk, Artur Szalpuk and Linus Weber. Piotr Gacek promised the fans of the Warsaw team that it was not over yet. – We haven’t announced all the names yet, but I think fans and partners will be happy. The team went through a revolution, but this is a consequence of what happened last season. I think new blood is needed, he said.

Piotr Gacek also commented on the interview given by his former prosecutor, Bartosz Kwolek. – I am surprised by the interview he gave in Przegląd Sportowy. He cited the circumstances of the club’s operation as being untrue, Project Warszawa’s vice president said. According to the sports director, Kwolek’s agent was told during the season that the club was not interested in extending the contract with the player when he asked for an offer. – The words in this interview about our club are not true. For my part, I wish that he develop his potential in Zawiercie’s team and the Polish national team – he concluded.

Piotr Gack’s dream team

Piotr Gacek wants a well-oiled band to be formed in Warsaw, who will take to the dance floor and play with some automatism and self-confidence. – I want it to be a team that will work for its success from the beginning to the end – said the former libero. Therefore, it was decided for a new coach to change the club.

Project Warszawa’s trainer was Roberto Satilli, who in the past led Polish teams competing for the highest goals. – I count on his individual and substantive approach to each player and experience in building a group – said Gacek, adding that the coach already creates a good atmosphere in the team. – From the very beginning of our partnership, he is in constant contact with the players and builds relationships from the first working day – he emphasized.

Where will Projekt Warszawa be in five years?

In five years, Piotr Gacek sees Projekt Warszawa as the leading PlusLiga club, not only as a team that strives for medals, but also as a team that simply wins those medals. – I would like us to become a medalist of the Polish Championship, I dream of it and I will do everything I can to win the highest laurels. I also want the team to win medals in the Champions League and these are sports dreams that I would like to realize, starting with building a strategy, building a brand, building an academy so that these five years of stability of the club so great that we will regularly win medals, championships of Poland and the Champions League – concluded the sports director.

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