The “Hydrogen” Project – We’ve Got It! – Composite materials

In recent months, the Polish cluster of composite technologies, in collaboration with Małopolska, the regions of Lombardy and Slovenia, has prepared an application for the pilot project “Hydrogen” within the framework of the “Avant-garde initiative”.

“Awangarda Initiative” – ​​​​”Vanguard Initiative”

Explain what an “avant-garde initiative” is – The Vanguard Initiative is an association of European regions committed to boosting economic growth and job creation through industry-led inter-regional cooperation, co-creation and co- investment based on smart specializations. Since its inception in 2013, the Avant-garde Initiative has been recognized as a strong and influential voice for the regional perspective of industrial change. Małopolska, and thus the Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies, belongs to this initiative and can therefore work intensively on it.

Pilot project “Hydrogen”

The proposal, as the title “hydrogen” indicates, concerns a broadly defined hydrogen initiative and this pilot project will address the following topics:

  • hydrogen production & production technology, plus standardization
  • diversification of economic activities towards hydrogen and commercialization of products
  • options for using hydrogen (mobility, energy consumption for households and industry)
  • distribution and export of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Technology Skills
  • knowledge creation and translation

Choice – vote

On 17 June, the annual meeting of representatives of regions affiliated to the Avant-garde initiative in the formula of the High Level Directors Meeting took place in Brussels. On the agenda, in addition to discussions about the association’s development plans or further support in building innovative value chains, was an important item related to the new pilot. During the vote on the adoption of the proposal, our pilot kept 26 out of a possible 30 votes and was approved for implementation.


  • Lombardy (IT)
  • Lesser Poland (PL)
  • Slovenia (SLO)
  • Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Saxony, Germany
  • Norte, Portugal
  • Gavleborg, Sweden
  • Aragon, Spain
  • Asturias, Spain
  • Galicia, Spain
  • Scotland, Great Britain
  • Wales, Great Britain

Research institutes, industry, associations, academia and SMEs involved in the implementation of the pilot objectives described in the region of the proposal, including:

  • Polish cluster of composite technologies, Małopolska, Poland
  • Małopolska Regional Development Agency, Małopolska, Poland
  • Institute of Metallurgy and Material Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Małopolska, Poland
  • AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Małopolska, Poland
  • GoFar Sp. z oo, Małopolska, Poland
  • Carbon Design Sp. z oo Małopolska, Poland
  • South Poland Cleantech Cluster, Małopolska, Poland
  • Krakow Technology Park, Masopolska Poland
  • National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Strategic Value Chain for the Circular Economy, Slovenia
  • GP sistemi, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • RSE SpA – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico, Milan, Italy
  • Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) – Italy
  • Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
  • Simplifhy SB srl, Milan, Italy
  • Bono Energia – Gruppo CANNON SpA, Italy
  • University of Degli Studi di Brescia, Group of Energy Technologies (ERGO), Italy
  • University of Degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy
  • Technical University of Dresden, Saxony, Germany
  • ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost, DREWAG – Stadtwerke Dresden, Germany
  • MOBINOV – Cluster Automóvel Portugal, Porto, Portugal
  • Energylab Technology, Vigo, Spain
  • Indominus Advanced Solutions, Vigo, Spain
  • Maritime Technology Center, Vigo, Spain
  • University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain
  • Sandbacka Science Park, Gavleborg, Sweden
  • University of Gavle. Gavleborg, Sweden
  • Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH, Saxony, Germany
  • East4D GmbH, Saxony, Germany
  • Herone GmbH, Saxony, Germany
  • Leichtbau-Zentrum Sachsen GmbH, Saxony, Germany

All Partners and Members interested in participating in the pilot project may contact us. We are sending an application to interested parties

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