Summer 2022 promotions in restaurants in Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk

Restaurant promotions are a way to attract new customers, convince the unconvinced, but also pamper the regulars.  We looked at which offers tempt restaurant owners for the summer.

Summer has arrived and with it many people want to spend even more time outside. Tricity restaurateurs meet these wishes and not only refresh the menus with seasonal products, but also encourage people to visit the building with fresh ideas for promotions and discounts. Special offers for every day of the week, happy hours, 2 for 1 price or occasional discounts – we have looked at the most interesting promotions in restaurants in Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk.

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Promotions for every day of the week

in Gdynia traffic Special offers have been prepared for each day of the week. The week starts with “Sweet Monday”, which means every Monday every sweet, We can order white or black coffee for PLN 1, and a glass of Prosecco for PLN 9.90† Tuesday is pizza day – from 12:00 to 22:00 We eat a selected Italian cake for PLN 20

Wednesday’s promotion is for “bubbles” – on this day a bottle of prosecco costs PLN 39† on Thursdays Kozel beer (0.5 l) can be ordered with every burger ordered from the menu for PLN 5† on Fridays when ordering wine we get Italian antipasti prepared by the cook, on Saturday for PLN 15 we drink the cocktail of the week or Lillet Spritzin turn Sunday is family time, so everyone items of the children’s card cost PLN 10

New weekly promotions have also been prepared Aioli† Mondays pass under the slogan “Simple Mathematics”, or Simple Mathematics:

– No matter how you went to work that day, you can make it better. There’s nothing like sitting at a table with your friends and eating with with a mug of cold Peroni: 6 pieces – 84 PLN, 12 pieces – 144 PLN, 24 pieces – 240 PLN – we read on the Aioli website.

What can we pay in the restaurant, even if we didn’t plan it?

on Tuesdays We order a Margherita pizza and strawberry or pear margarita drinks for PLN 15† In turn, on Wednesday, according to a popular saying, you can get it free ice cream to Mohito alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The promotion on Thursday will especially appeal to seafood lovers. We will get this day mussels in two versions for PLN 49.90, and every second bottle of Martini Prosecco is 50 percent. cheaper† Fridays in Aioli pass under the sign of “Ladies night”. Martini Fiero or Martini Vibrante / Floreale non-alcoholic costs PLN 25. on Sundays A glass of sparkling prosecco at breakfast can be ordered for PLN 5

cocktail bar Excuse also drew up a weekly schedule for the promotion. On Monday we pay PLN 30 for two Jagerbombs, on Tuesday we eat fried fries for PLN 18, on Wednesday 500 ml of sweet Choya wine costs PLN 30, on Thursday the promotion is for a drink Vodka sour – for two we will pay PLN 24 , and cheaper beer on Friday and Saturday until 20.00 pm (Golden Lions for 8 zloty and Wheaten for 10 zloty).

In Food Hall Station on Mondays Martini Fiero Tonic it costs 20 zon tuesday everyone We’re going to drink sour with a 20 percent discount.on Wednesdays draft beer 10 PLNand on Thursday a glass of wine costs PLN 12† Friday discount applies a drink Cuba Libre – we drink it for PLN 20and on saturday Gin Bombay Sapphire & Tonic costs PLN 23† In turn, we get cheaper on Sundays frizzante – a glass costs PLN 12

  • Promotions in Apologies.
  • Timetable of the promotion at the Food Hall Station.

Happy Hours

From Monday to Friday until 13.00, everything coffee for summer you can buy Bosco ice cream parlors with 30 percent off The menu includes Iced Flat White, Affogato, Espresso Tonic, Frappe or Ice Cream Coffee.

In Food and drink valid every Friday 1 + 1 promotion for freeas regards beer, prosecco and cider

Free water in the restaurant. Standard or luxury?

Burgerstation invites you to take advantage of the “Promo Burger” offer, a promotion that runs daily until 15. All burgers up to PLN 26 cost PLN 22. The promotion works in both locations – in Przymorze and in Zaspa.

There is also a promotion for burgers surf burger† Every Monday you can eat all burgers at lower prices from PLN 22 for Specjal and Seruś to PLN 28 for a Sicilian, Kural or Chef. The Gangsta costs PLN 34 and the Big One PLN 42.

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