Nearly 9 million PLN for “Digital Conversion of Cultural Centers”. NCK launches second subsidy competition

On June 30, the National Center for Culture announced the recruitment for the second grant competition under the “Digital transformation of cultural centers” project. Until July 28 this year. for subsidies in the amount of 80 to 200 thousand. PLN can be applied for by local government cultural institutions.

Thanks to additional funds obtained by the National Center for Culture for the implementation of the project “Digital transformation of cultural centers”, support will be provided to several dozen entities. The total amount of the subsidies is about 9 million PLN. The aim of the project is to equip cultural institutions of local authorities with competences and skills in the use of digital tools and to purchase equipment and IT infrastructure necessary for cultural education and promotion activities. implement and develop in local communities.

Performance of activities under the competition announced on June 30, 2022. To be held from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023. The rules of the competition give preferences for entities whose organizer is a rural and urban-rural municipality – without restrictions on the number of inhabitants, an urban municipality or a poviat with a seat in a city of up to 50 thousand. residents, more than 50 km away from major urban centers and entities in the following voivodeships: Podlaskie, Lubelskie, Łódzkie, Zachodniopomorskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lubuskie and Podkarpackie. Applications under the call can only be submitted electronically via the NCK Program Service System.


– Obtaining additional funds from NCK, extending the duration of the project and launching the second competition means an increase in the budget for the “Digital transformation of cultural centers” to an amount of PLN 42 million, of which PLN 35 million goes directly to cultural centers, centers and centers in the form of individual grants. In total, approximately 250 institutions will benefit from this. This is an important support and an opportunity to increase the competences of employees of cultural institutions of the local government, make the offer more attractive and attract new participants to the events. I would like to thank the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture, Prof. Piotr Gliński and the Minister of Development and Technology – Mr. Waldemar Buda – emphasizes Prof. Rafał Wiśniewski, Director of the National Center for Culture.


The digital conversion of cultural centers is a systemic project funded by the European Union under the Digital Poland Operational Program. Unlike many other grant programs and grant competitions, funding under the “Digital Transformation of Cultural Centers” does not require grant recipients to deploy their own resources, ie their own contribution.

The project is a competition project and consists of the following parts:

  1. Subsidies for cultural institutions for:
    • purchase of computer equipment, accessories, online shipping equipment,
    • purchase of digital equipment for multimedia halls / AR rooms,
    • purchase of software and licenses,
    • cover the costs of adapting performed activities to the needs of people with special needs,
    • additional training resulting from the specific needs of a particular institution and the activities it undertakes.
  2. A training program for subsidy recipients with the end result of the development of a digital strategy for the institution, consisting of:
    • comprehensive training for the staff on the beneficiary’s premises on how to design a cultural offer online,
    • specialized online training courses and webinars,
    • tutorial support during the project period,
    • consultation with an accessibility expert.

In the second grant competition “Digital Conversion of Cultural Centres”, the scope of activities offered to project participants will be expanded to include networking activities, study visits and collaboration tools.

The following entities are eligible to submit applications in the grant competition, with the exception of the first prize winners of the competition:

  1. Community centres, cultural centers and cultural and arts centers with the status of local cultural institution, with the exception of institutions co-managed by the Minister and local government units,
  2. Libraries with self-governing cultural institution status, including community centers, cultural centers or cultural and arts centers.

All potential candidates interested in participating in the NCK competition are invited to an online information meeting via the Zoom communicator on July 8 at 11 a.m. The link to the meeting will be posted on the NCK website and on FB.


In the first subsidy competition, the National Center for Culture supported 199 institutions for an amount of more than PLN 26 million. Grantees have participated in an extensive training program. In the first phase of the project, carried out from November 2021 to March 2022, the National Center for Culture delivered 200 two-day stationary training sessions on the beneficiary’s site (3,200 training hours). In total, about 2,000 people took part. people. The grant recipients also purchased the necessary equipment for conducting online classes, broadcasting events, archiving and digitizing local community souvenirs, improving the work of community centers, better communication with recipients, increasing accessibility, among other things. of the cultural offer for people with special needs.


The role and importance of the Digital Transformation of Cultural Homes was appreciated by the organizers and experts of the 7th European Congress of Local Authorities this year, who honored the National Center for Culture with a special award for initiating and implementing this project. The statuette from the hands of Zygmunt Berdychowski, the initiator and organizer of the congress, was collected by Prof. Rafał Wiśniewski, director of the National Center for Culture.

The project Digital conversion of community centers is financed by the European Union under measure 3.2. “Innovative Solutions for Digital Activation” Priority Axis III “Digital Competencies of Society” of the Digital Poland Operational Program for 2014-2020.

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