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If you do not want to spend money on ready-made gazebos available in DIY stores, or none of them meet our tastes, it is worth spending time designing and building your own structure . Then we know for sure that it meets all our expectations and blends in perfectly with the home and garden environment.

The base is the base

It is important to build a facility that does not exceed 25 m². in gardens within the city limits and 35 m². outside their borders – we don’t need a permit. All you need is a project, gathering the necessary materials, tools and of course some free time. Technical and organizational skills are also appreciated.

Before starting work, let’s choose a place where our gazebo will stand. It is best to build it in the back of the garden, away from the street, in a quiet place on the plot, where you will feel comfortable. Ideal if, in addition, we find a point with a view of the entire garden and the house. At the design stage, it is also worth considering the plants that will be planted around the arbor. Tall shrubs or vines provide shade in summer and on cooler days they protect us from wind and rain.

We do not need a building permit to place a garden shed

Wooden structures (pine or spruce is the best choice) are easiest to erect yourself. Such an arbor can be easily adapted to the style of the house and other elements of landscaping. Remember that a very important step is to properly prepare the foundation. A garden shed placed on soft and uneven terrain is quickly suitable for renovation or even demolition. Attention! Only a small and light construction can stand directly on the ground. In most cases, however, we will not avoid building foundations appropriately adapted to the weight of our gazebo. Concrete foundations are a good solution – for lighter structures or a foundation slab 15-20 cm thick – for gazebos with heavier roofing materials, eg tiles. A slightly more time-consuming solution is to lay paving stones in the space provided.

We can also opt for a brick building, for example made of brick or stone. Such a structure will be more durable, but it will also require more work and more money. The purchase of a solid gazebo in a store will cost several thousand zlotys. By doing it ourselves, we can save up to half of this amount. The building will be a perfect place to relax in the garden or for weekend gatherings with family and friends.

Efficient and quiet mowing

When designing a gazebo, it is worth making some space for storing garden equipment. After all, even the most beautiful garden shed does not allow us to fully enjoy the blissful moments when our green enclave is neglected.

What should we invest in to keep the garden in order? First of all, a good lawn mower. The Husqvarna LC 347iVX cordless mower is perfect for a medium-sized garden, up to 800 m².

    Why is it worth choosing this particular model?

  • The LC 347iVX is a quiet and efficient machine with a larger cutting width (47 cm)
  • The equipment has a single lever adjustable cutting height (from 20 mm to 75 mm)
  • The electric motor guarantees 3000 revolutions per minute
  • Proprietary drive system allows you to adjust the speed to the needs and condition of the lawn.

The mower has two battery slots that are compatible with all Husqvarna Li-ion batteries. By installing a larger capacity battery, we will also increase our working efficiency. The LC 347iVX has an ergonomic, comfortable handle that can be adjusted to two heights. Additional handles on the motor head and on the front of the housing make it easy to carry or load the device. In addition, the folding tiller handle makes it possible to minimize the space required to store the mower.

It is important that the battery mower is quiet and environmentally friendly. And because of the drive system used in it, we no longer have to convince ourselves of the rhythm of increasingly heavy breathing that pushing the mower is great for the biceps. Working with the LC 347iVX is easy and fun. How not to work in the garden.

Well-maintained lawn and branches

The Husqvarna 110iL trimmer is a new model for mowing lawn edges. The equipment is distinguished by a low noise and vibration level and zero – which is particularly important today – exhaust emissions. The bending machine mode with integrated support wheel allows you to precisely trim the edges of the lawn, meaning we can enjoy the eye and proudly present to others a perfectly cut lawn right up to the edge.

In addition, the foldable plant cover ensures the safety of the flowers and… peace in the house. We can be sure that no one will argue about the cut flowers.

The 110iL trimmer makes it possible to mow 30 cm wide grass strips. The patented housing design and battery placement provide excellent balance, making maneuvering the unit much easier. The safety of users and bystanders is ensured by the automatic shutdown of the equipment after 60 seconds of inactivity. This way we know for sure that children playing in the garden are safe.

When trees grow in our yard, the Husqvarna 120iTK4-P cordless pruning shears come in handy. The machine has an adjustable telescopic arm that allows it to reach up to 4 m. The working element of the pole secateurs can be replaced with a hedge trimmer. The secateurs are light (weighing approx. 3.5 kg without battery) and perfectly balanced. The design makes it easy to carry and comfortable to use.

The garden is well maintained and tidy

It is also impossible to imagine in the garden without a professional chainsaw. This equipment is also perfect for building a gazebo. The Husqvarna 340i chainsaw is designed for all types of garden work, ie sawing, trimming, sawing firewood, but also for carpentry work. The narrow body and flat bottom and the center of gravity close to the handles ensure precise and comfortable work.

The device is powered by a brushless motor and a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 36 V. It guarantees high efficiency (chain speed at maximum power is 20 m / s), as well as a very low level of vibration and noise. Importantly, the Husqvarna machine has an inertia brake that protects the operator from injury at the critical moment of saw rebound.

After work or a party in the gazebo you have to clean up. Keep your garden tidy with the Husqvarna WDC 220 vacuum cleaner. It is a compact device that works both dry and wet. The device has a PET filter, which we can easily clean under running water or regularly use the semi-automatic cleaning function (just one push of a button). The speed control in the WDC 325L model, in turn, ensures an optimal adjustment of the suction power, depending on the surface to be cleaned.

Importantly, the WDC 325L vacuum cleaner can also be used as a blower in addition to its basic task. It is enough to connect the pipe to the exhaust nozzle and the machine is perfect for cleaning narrow openings, washing tools or cleaning leaves and light waste. Thanks to the use of a suitable adapter, we also have the option of connecting power tools to the vacuum cleaner, for example a drill and an orbital sander.

Husqvarna vacuums have large rear wheels for stable movement on any surface and small front wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees for excellent maneuverability. Large containers – 20 (model WDC 220) and 25 l (WDC 325L), air flow – 3600 and 3700 l / min respectively and the maximum negative pressure of 210 and 235 mbar make this type of equipment that every self-respecting garden owner should have.

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