Mercusys MR80X – cheap and how fast! Router with WiFi 6

You could already get to know the Mercusys brand when you were interested in the Wi-Fi mesh network. To be precise, the Halo H50G model appeared on the pages of our portal and it cannot be denied that it attracted attention due to its low price. This is Mercusys’ main assumption, so it was only a matter of time before we looked at the next proposal from the portfolio. This time, the MR80X model is waiting for youwhich is of course still cheap, and at the same time you can enjoy a fast internet connection in both wired and wireless versions.

Mercusys MR80X kit, price and technical specification

Many companies try to simplify their boxes, where we mainly recognize the brand logo, while Mercusys focuses on openness. That’s why the MR80X lacquered packaging tells us openly what we can find in it. In addition to the specifications and equipment There is also a 3 year warrantyso that the manufacturer knows that it offers proven solutions.

Inside the box we find the most important thing, which is the router itself, as well as a power supply and an RJ-45 cable. We can also use the user manual for this.

Ok, but I mentioned the low price, so how much is it really? Well, Mercusys MR80X costs less than PLN 250. This is generally not enough when we look at the router market and the current economic situation, but let’s add to that the possibilities that the hardware offers.

On paper you see that the technology has not been saved

  • Wi-Fi 6, transfer rate up to 3000 Mb/s:
    • up to 2402 Mb/s at 5 GHz (802.11a/n/ac/ax)
    • up to 574 Mb/s at 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n/ax)
    • MU-MIMO 2×2, 160MHz
  • operating mode: router or access point
  • guest network, WPA-3
  • Port Forwarding, DMZ, UPnP, DMZ, OpenVPN, PPTP
  • 4x Ethernet port (RJ-45 1 Gigabit, 3x LAN, 1x WAN)
  • 4 external omnidirectional antennas (5 dBi)
  • dimensions: 208.8 x 171.6 x 41.7 mm (205 mm with antennas)
  • weight: 380 grams

Construction and build quality

mercusys mr80x cheap wifi-6

The design of the Mercusys MR80X attracts attention due to the combination of a matte and glossy finish. The whole is made of high-quality plastic, so it is light. The construction boasts a good fit, which ultimately allows a positive assessment of the overall build quality. Of course you just need to have the back of your head listed piano black requires proper handling.

From the front, the MR80X welcomes us with an LED that informs about the operating status of the router. The whole mountain consists of many grids and the company logo. Because Mercusys opted for antennas that were not unscrewed, they immediately stand out. The back was of course reserved for all connections and buttons. On the other hand, from the bottom we see more grilles, feet and of course the necessary markings.

The first setup is no problem

We connect the power supply, supply the Internet to the gigabit WAN port and connect to the created Wi-Fi network, which is described on the housing of the equipment. Then go to the browser and go to the website mwlogin.netwhere we are greeted by a very simple and straightforward configurator. Within a few minutes, following the well-described steps, we adapt the most important settings to your wishes.

In addition, from the administration page, which is of course available in Polish, we can set up a simple but useful parental controls, QoS, enable the guest network, configure VPN, port forwarding and for dessert, set a schedule for the operation of the WiFi network or the LED on the housing itself. Of the more advanced options, we will see OFDMA, TWT and Smart Connect. In terms of security, the support of the WPA3 protocol can certainly be praised. All this in a really readable and well-planned interface.

Even without looking at the price, the daily work is very good

mercusys mr80x cheap wifi-6

Wi-Fi 6 is now the basis for many people with fiber optic internet. The 1 Gb/s speeds offered by vendors no longer surprise anyone, but they require a sufficiently strong router. Unfortunately, these are still missing from the operators, but Mercusys MR80X comes to the rescue. Connected to the equipment that is about 2 meters away, we can count on a transfer of 950 Mb/s. If you go away about 5 meters and separate a thin wall, the speed will be about 730 Mb/s. By doubling these obstacles, namely 10 meters and two walls, we are still talking about high speed, more than 600 Mb/s. This is certainly more than satisfactory results.

In terms of wired connection, the three available LAN connectors have no problem transferring information at a speed of about 950 Mb/s. After all, it’s not necessarily a standard in this class either.

Mercusys MR80X – the price really encourages you to buy

mercusys mr80x cheap wifi-6

There’s no denying that Mercusys MR80X is for those who don’t need a router with unnecessarily complex solutions. This model will certainly appeal to people who expect the use of a high-speed Internet connection according to the latest standards. Standards that reflect reality, not just on paper. Of course, everything is capped off with a low price.

The entry was created in collaboration with TP-Link

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