Five beauty trends for summer 2022

Katarzyna Szczepaniak-Cieślak

From the Korean beauty ritual to skipcare, from expressive contouring to strobing – beauty trends change almost as fast as fashion for specific styles and colors of clothing. What innovations in the field of beauty and make-up are now prevalent in the beauty world? What are the experts excited about? We picked five beauty trends worth paying attention to this summer!

Color evening instead of strong coverage

Heavy makeup with contours in the lead is a thing of the past. The most natural look is in fashion, and emphasizing the benefits of beauty proves to be more important than thorough coverage. Therefore, instead of a heavy, covering foundation, it is better to use a light BB cream, which evens out the color and at the same time does not cover the charming freckles and does not create a mask effect. It also has nourishing properties, as it is enriched with beneficial nutrients. Nourishes and hydrates. Some BB creams also have a sunscreen.


Illuminated skin looks fresh and radiant. Therefore, the highlighter applied to the cheekbones or the cupid’s bow is considered a makeup cherry on top. However, the skin can also glow … with a cream. Lightening creams contain light-reflecting particles, giving the skin a healthy glow and acting as a kind of beautifying filter. They are perfect for people with a gray complexion that looks tired or with the first wrinkles. They will make the skin glow, even out the color and make it look fresh and rested. Perfect as a make-up base!

Sunscreen not just for the body

Until a few years ago, sunscreen was mainly associated with a lotion that was applied to the body just before going to the beach. Today it is known that it is definitely not enough! UV rays are not only responsible for the formation of a tan, but also for burns, faster skin aging, discoloration and even neoplastic changes. In addition, they affect the skin all year round – 95 percent. the sun’s rays that reach us are UVA rays, which penetrate glass or clouds. Therefore, sunscreens should be used all year round on exposed areas of the skin, ie mainly on the face. After all, it is the facial skin that most quickly shows the changes due to photoaging, ie wrinkles. A cream with a filter can be treated as an effective anti-wrinkle agent – as part of the daily care, it can delay the loss of firmness of the facial skin and the appearance of wrinkles for up to several years.

Multifunctional care and rich compositions

The slogan of the summer care becomes “less is more”. Rather than overlapping multiple preparations, it is better to use highly concentrated products that work in multiple areas. Skinimalism is the answer to the exaggeration we can fall into when we introduce a multi-stage cosmetic routine. In the summer, it will be fashionable to reduce the number of creams and masks and plan your beauty costs more carefully. We convert quantity into quality and multifunctionality.

Cold in the service of beauty

This year, devices are gaining popularity that allow you to perform firming and rejuvenating treatments using low temperatures in the privacy of your home. These can be devices that work on the principle of a cold compress, which refreshes the complexion, and devices that allow you to treat yourself to cold therapy at home. By hardening the skin, they help maintain firmness and elasticity, prevent skin problems and allergies, reduce the appearance of pores and smooth out fine wrinkles. Stimulating the skin with cold sounds, especially tempting when the temperature outside the window reaches 30 degrees Celsius, right?

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