Visitors to the Bieszczady Mountains can take a scenic journey with the gondola lift

The PKL tourist center in Solina was built for more than PLN 110 million by the Polish funicular. From July 1, visitors to the Bieszczady Mountains can take a scenic journey with the gondola lift over the dam in Solina.

  • From July 1, visitors to the Bieszczady Mountains can take an unforgettable scenic journey by gondola and enjoy the unique attractions in the PKL and PFR centers at the Solina Dam.
  • The lookout cable car in Solina is a special attraction on a national scale, not only in terms of tourism, but also in terms of technology.
  • It is a unique way to admire the Solina lake and the landscapes of Bieszczady.

This is a historic moment for the PKL Group. Just like 85 years ago, dreams related to the construction of the railway to Kasprowy Wierch came true, today we are witnessing the implementation of an investment that meets the expectations of tourists visiting the Bieszczady and local residents. We invite everyone to our new center. It’s Solina’s turn – says Daniel Pitrus, chairman of the PKL board.

An attraction never seen before

In June 2021, Polskie Koleje Linowe and the Polish Development Fund announced the construction of a new investment, which is to become one of the main tourist attractions of the region. After more than a year, the first tourists can take the train from the center of Solina to Góra Jawor from 5 p.m.

– The investment in Solina is a model example of how PFR has successfully implemented PKL’s strategy of development and value building since its acquisition in 2019. Bieszczady is a unique region with great landscape and nature values. I am convinced that this investment will allow us to fully exploit its enormous potential and attract new tourists, while preserving the character and the natural environmental values ​​of this place. This is PKL’s largest investment to date, but the company’s plans are ambitious and take into account the development of the existing centers as well as new investments that will contribute to the appreciation of the company – he said Paweł Borys, President of PFR.

The attraction is unique not only for its location, impressive landscapes that we can see from a new perspective, but also in terms of technology. It is the most modern facility of this type in Poland. There are, among other things, the highest support in the country, 75 m high, and a modern multimedia zone.

The Bieszczady Mountains have always attracted tourists at any time of the year, thanks to their unique climate, landscapes and wild nature. The region has just gained a new unique attraction that tourists can already use.

– Tourism in the Bieszczady Mountains has acquired a new quality. We can immerse ourselves in the landscape of the Bieszczady Mountains to relax, but also see this interesting and beautiful perspective from the train carriage. We are taking a big step to rediscover Solina and Bieszczady, explains Adam Piątkowski, Mayor of Solina Municipality.

PKL Solina tourist center with many sights

The first surprises in the PKL Solina resort for tourists are already waiting at the valley station of Plasza, which is not only the starting point of this unique gondola trip, but also a place where we will learn interesting information about the trip by sightseeing train, the technology, the number of supports and their height, as well as the history of the Solina dam, a working hydroelectric power station.

In the building of the starting station are multimedia attractions that entertain both the older and the younger guests of the PKL center. From this place, with the help of another and an amazing attraction – the PKL gondola lift – we will finally embark on an unforgettable and exciting journey to Mount Jawor.

On the 1.5 km route – from the Plasza starting station to the finishing station on Góra Jawor – travelers can admire the spectacular landscapes of the green hills of the Bieszczady Mountains, the monumental dam and the Solińskie Lake from the height of the trolley to admire. But the attractions in Solina’s tourist center don’t stop there! Because real emotions are also waiting for all tourists who reach Góra Jawor by gondola.

From the observation tower from 55 m and the observation deck we can admire the landscape of the meadows and the local valleys. The brave have the chance to take a walk on the glass sidewalk, the so-called “Skywalk” to feel the power of the local nature even more. In the observation cafe, tourists can enjoy tasty coffee and cake, as well as spectacular views, which we can already enjoy.

For true gourmets, local specialties await in the Karczma Jawor, whose interior refers to regional architecture. Prosaics, fucki or fried knuckles are just some of the items on the menu.

Right next to the Tavern Jawor is another part of PKL’s attractions: the theme park. In the park we will soon learn about fascinating legends and listen to interesting stories about the colorful figures of devils and devils.

We encourage you to book tickets and visit the new tourist attraction in the Bieszczady Mountains. We guarantee that the time spent in the PKL center in Solina will be unforgettable and bring many experiences.

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