Vacation trip – these applications and services make traveling by car much easier

The first days of summer are behind us and that means that many people will soon be going on holiday. It is clear that we want to avoid unpleasant surprises during the trip, such as road repairs and related traffic jams or difficult weather conditions. We have prepared for you a list of applications and online services that will help you make your trip easier, safer and better planned.

Summer trip – useful applications and services for drivers

Traveling by car is usually much more comfortable than by train or bus, and it takes less time. Provided of course we will plan it welland this can be a problem, especially when driving on roads unfamiliar to us. Which apps and services can help us?

GDDKiA card service

Hardly anyone checks the situation on the roads they want to travel on before they leave. Some will only follow the route briefly on Google Maps. However, there is a much better source of information about accidents and road works – this is the map service of the Directorate General for National Roads and Motorways. On a special map we can see the difficulties on the national roads in Poland† After clicking on a certain point or selecting it from the drop-down menu on the left, we will see where the traffic jam is, what it is and when it should stop.

The website contains information not only about the events that have already taken place, but also about: planned road works† For this we can, among other things, check the locations of MOPs and stations that offer alternative fuels. It is well worth checking out the GDDKiA map service before traveling because of the accuracy of the information it contains, which allows us to adjust our route in advance.

IMWM-PIB prediction for drivers

Before you travel, it is good to know what weather conditions can happen to us. Thanks to this we leave early enough, taking into account that, for example, heavy rainfall will force us to be slower. If the weather becomes extremely bad, we can also consider postponing the trip for a few hours.

On the internet you will find many websites with more or less reliable weather forecasts. We recommend that you check the traffic accident forecast provided by: Institute of Meteorology and Water Management† Presented in the form of an interactive map, it allows you to monitor the potential occurrence of driver nuisance phenomena (including storms, dense fog, high winds) on specific road sections. The forecast is prepared once a day for the next four days.

Find my parked car

If we have a long journey ahead of us, we will probably take a break. Maybe we decide to stay in a city for a little longer than ten minutes and explore the area. The problem arises when we discover that: we don’t remember where we left the car† Searching for a parked car in areas we don’t know well can be stressful and take a long time.

To avoid this, use apps that make it easy to find your car, such as Find My Parked Car. These kinds of programs locate and remember our position when we are in the car or next to it. If necessary, we can run the option in the application leads us to where we left the car† Some programs also allow you to take a photo of the car to make it easier to find.

Droid Dashcam DVR

While driving, a collision or other unforeseen event can happen to us, about which we want to have clarity as soon as possible. In these situations a car dvr is very useful† We can show the CCTV footage to the police officers or other driver involved in the incident. Maybe even without calling the police?

However, if you are going to leave in the near future and you do not have time to find a suitable VCR, install equipment in the car, etc., you can use apps that make your phone work like a dashcam† An example of such an application is the Droid Dashcam DVR. It is best to install it on your old smartphone so as not to risk draining the phone we use every day.


Yanosik on All Saints' Day

Most drivers should be familiar with this app. It’s worth remembering, though, as it offers really great opportunities. Yanosik comes with navigation, but most of all it’s great road communicatorenabling the exchange of information between drivers.

While the already mentioned GDDKiA service will inform us well about planned road repairs etc., thanks to Yanosik we will learn more about events that happened suddenly on the road† The application is very popular among motorists who, upon seeing a collision, accident, road control or other incident on the road, can easily inform other users about it.

Driver apps and services make your vacation trip easier

By using some useful services and applications, we can significantly better plan your holiday trip† This way we avoid traffic jams and drive in extremely unfavorable weather conditions. It is also worth remembering about the applications that help you find your car and equip the smartphone with the video recorder function. They take a while to install on your phone and you may need them very badly.

main photo: Abigail Ducote / Unsplash

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