The Palace in Giżyce – a pro-social project, not a real estate business in Sochaczew

The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce has submitted a proposal to the Poviat Starosty in Sochaczew to develop the historic palace in Giżyce. This is another unit that on behalf of the local community wants the facility to serve as a unit open to residents. The offer also came from the Open Sochaczew group.

The palace in Giżyce is one of the most interesting monuments in the Sochaczew poviat. There was a health care facility there. At last year’s session, councilors agreed to sell the facility and prepare for the tender. Immediately after this decision, the County Office received a letter from one of the organizations operating in the city. The Open Sochaczew Group has appealed the suspension of this decision. Some councilors from the povia also took part in these activities.

In April this year, the County Office received a letter from the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, which submitted a proposal for the development of the palace in Giżyce. The justification included arguments such as the objectives of MIG, ie activation, support of local entrepreneurship, through the implementation of educational or promotional projects, projects related to health and ecology. The WIG suggested that the palace could include health services, social and occupational therapy workshops. The new palace activity could also serve as a center for generation integration or with foreigners.

WIG intends to lease the facility for a period of 3 years with the option to extend this period, will take care of the facility in accordance with the guidelines of the Conservator of Monuments, consult with the community about the development direction for the facility and in consultation a detailed design with a financing proposal.

The Staros of the Poviat Jolanta Gonta responded to the proposal of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. She notes that it is possible to change the decision by passing a new resolution of councilors. Jolanta Gonta replied that on March 31 of this year. no specific proposal was received which would include a proposal of destination, the amount of the adjustment and financing costs and the source of their financing for the proposed activity. The letter received from the WIG is, in the staros’ assessment, only a loose suggestion. In addition, WIG’s recognition of the needs of the local community is negligible. The staros argued that the WTZ would have a new seat under construction, and the proposal to place refugees in the palace was “ill-considered”.

The president of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, Marek Traczyk, allowed herself to prepare the answer:

In order to meet the expectations of the local community, we proposed a joint action to develop a target concept for the development of the property so that it would serve the residents of Iłów Municipality and Sochaczew-poviat.

As an economic self-government organization with decades of experience, we have developed standards and procedures so that the solutions we propose and the projects we implement are as useful as possible to the beneficiaries – in this case the local community. Selling the property and receiving several million zlotys for the poviat budget does not meet social expectations. Although the amount is high, there are likely to be opportunities for the poviat to receive appropriate additional grants from the funds of the Polish Deal which is very beneficial to local authorities for the revitalization of the palace, without the need to sell it.

I am sorry to note that our proposal has not been properly understood. We are not going to bid on who will bid more money for the property. Our activities are based on the implementation of the stated goals, through carefully developed projects, the main goal of which is benefits not only related to financial gains.

At this point I would like to remind you that the local government, and on its behalf the authorities, meet the needs of the inhabitants of the municipality, poviat or voivodship as their main goal. The poviat is not a commercial law company whose sole purpose is to increase property and financial resources.

Perhaps the sale of a historic palace with a park is an attractive solution for a wealthy citizen, but it is not an attractive solution for the inhabitants of the Sochaczew poviat and the municipality of Iłów.

And we, as well as representatives of the local and territorial community, know it well. We proposed a pro-social project for the local community, not the real estate business.

The time indicated by us is necessary for the preparation of the project. The basic requirement for implementation is to accurately define the needs, goals and expectations of the local community. The so-called temporary real estate development we propose may have a different character if the Sochaczew Poviat builds a new chair for occupational therapy workshops for money from
From the Polish Order there is probably no need to carry out such activities in the palace, as we know, such investments are carried out very efficiently. There are many more possibilities and ideas. The main goal that guided us was to start a conversation and work out our proposals so that in the future the palace under our management would serve the local community with the necessary participation of residents.

Finally, I wonder why the temporary (a year or two) use of real estate as shelter for war refugees from Ukraine is “ill-considered”?

I am convinced that we should come together in a group of competent people from the poviat authorities and representatives of the inhabitants to try to work out a further way to develop the Suski Palace in Giżyce.

This is certainly not the end of the history of the palace in Giżyce. Will it be possible to transfer it to the local community? Is there a chance for a dialogue with the Starosty and will a consensus be found? We will talk about it with the chairman of MIG Marek Traczyk and representatives of Otwarta Sochaczew.

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