Lake Como is loved by celebrities, Italians and tourists. What is the phenomenon of this place?

Lake Como is one of the best vacation ideas in Italy. Why? A leisurely trip along one of Italy’s largest and most beautiful lakes will give you a break, and the views aren’t just a feast for the eyes.

Italy Holidays can be spent in many ways. That’s why sunny Italy has been at the forefront of Poland’s favorite summer destinations for years. City trips to Rome, Naples and Milan can be organized all year round, but in summer Italians and tourists prefer to cool off by the water. Where? Besides the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, Bari and the lakes are other popular holiday destinations. Garda and Como are the most popular in Italy – adored by world-class stars as well as “mere mortals”.

Before we travel, take a look at the map. Lake Como is located in northern Italy in Lombardy, 40 km north of Milan. It is surrounded by mountains, with the highest peak of Monte Legnone dominating the town of Colico on the north side of the lake.

Varenna on the shores of Lake Como with Menaggio and Monte Crocione on the other side. / Photo: Roberto Moiola / Getty Images

Como is the third largest lake in Italy. This is where the fun begins. Vacations in Como are usually not limited to a single resort. It’s a bit like eating a candy through a piece of paper. It’s easy to be dissatisfied. The more the towns around the lake are extremely charming and offer great views – both for lovers of natural landscapes and architecture.

The main center is city ​​of Comofrom which the lake takes its name. Further north are Cernobbio and Ossuccio with the only island in the lake – Comacina – and Sacro Monte di Ossuccio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Tremezzo there is the famous Villa Carlotta with its beautiful terraced gardens.

Bellagio is also a must see – a town located at the intersection of the three arms of Lake Como. Visitors enjoy visiting historic villas, including Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi.

Other interesting cities are:

  • Lecco in the south
  • Varenna,
  • bellano,
  • Colico – all three in the north.

Tremezzo on Lake Como. / Photo: Marco Bottigelli / Getty Images

You can explore Lake Como by car or bicycle, stopping in selected towns. Transport by water is also a recommended solution. Hikers can choose from one of the walking routes.

Cathedral of Como. / photo: Claudio Caridi / Getty Images

  • Cathedral of Como – The 15th-century neo-Gothic facade can be admired while sitting in one of the pubs in the square in front of the temple. It’s also worth going in, especially since entry is free. Pictures of saints and biblical scenes hang on the walls. The main altar of marble and onyx is almost three hundred years old. It was founded in 1728.
  • Former military fortress Forte di Fuentes – one of the few vestiges of Spanish rule in this part of Italy. It is located in the northern part of the lake, near Colico. A walk around the former fortress, including the square and church, is not just a treat for those fascinated by history.
  • Enoteca Principessa – Bellagio vineyard. This place is well worth checking out if you fancy trying one of Lombardy’s most famous exports. The owner is happy to show people around and talk about the wines produced on site.

Tourists often ask themselves this question before arriving. There is not one answer to them. Both places are perfect for a vacation getaway. However, Lake Como is considered more luxurious, prices in resorts are slightly higher.

While we relax on Como, we have – small, but bigger than elsewhere – opportunities to meet world-class stars. George Clooney loved the area so much that he bought a huge villa there a few years ago. Sylvester Stallone and Madonna, among others, have also been seen at local resorts.

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