Aneta Kręglicka mocks “artificial beauty out of the box”, and the Internet user points out her HYPOCRISY: “The lady herself is not a WALKING NATURE”

Aneta Kręglicka appeared in the collective imagination as Miss World in 1989. It soon turned out that the breathtaking beauty is not the only asset in the sleeve of the modelas evidenced by the fact that her career continues to this day.

As the owner of a PR company aneta he knows full well that self-promotion on social media pays off, so he’s committed to his Instagram profile, which he already follows nearly 85 thousand people. A celebrity occasionally allows herself to show the backstage of her family life, sometimes she shares hers too thoughts about the reality around us.

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This was also the case on Saturday, when Kręglicka wanted to focus on the topic of “show life”, created by many of her industry colleagues. The model admitted she can’t understand why celebrities now look like from one production line† Moreover, she marvels at prominent people who live beyond their means and “they brag about rental properties”creating a false image of oneself on the web.

I’ve already written about hypocrisy that none of us are completely alien – She started. We often enjoy coloring, dusting, sometimes whitening, smoothing in the eyes of others, and pretending a little bit about our own reality. I am not a saint either, because as I said, I am not homogeneous and nothing human is alien to me.† Although of course I have my aesthetics, ethics and principles that I never violate for the sake of applause.

That’s why… I don’t buy advanced authorities, primitive TV shows and the “quirks” promoted in them, promotion of artificial and drawn beauty out of the box, sponsored vacations, photos in rented houses and cars, seemingly own and yet not personal brands, collections and products that are also not owned, let alone copyrighted† This is of course not a crime, but it undermines credibility.

Many female fans supported Aneta’s post, praising the idol for her consistency and uncompromising attitude. There were also those who found in her words what she so despised, namely… lying.

Please forgive me, but you are not walking nature… – noted the surfer. At this age, women don’t even look 30 years old. Criticize others for being exaggerated…

It didn’t take long for Aneta to respond.

I always write subjectively what I am entitled to and about fashion for beauty out of the box, which I do not like and which I do not use myself – Kręglicka replied.

Was it really hypocritical?

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But she looks natural, uses moderation and doesn’t make herself a barbie

She doesn’t look 30 years old, but a neat 50. Of course she uses aesthetic medicine, but still remember myself and not a completely different person.

Damn, why do we have to grow old so fast… Before 18 they treat us like children and after 30 they treat us like garbage. At age 70, we have 12 coveted…

Anetka is especially loved by a certain Marek, a partner of a certain Cinema :))

I don’t know what a fan is up to, but Kreglicka looks like her age, not her thirties. And the fact that he takes care of himself and looks good is not hypocrisy or sin.

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I would never have given her 30 years and she probably wouldn’t be happy if she looked like this at 30. 27 years ago she looked very different and she was still young. She was 24 years old when she became Miss World. She looks very good, but I wouldn’t give her less than 50 years, so at least less than she really is, and the fact that she’s the former Miss World and has ice money to take care of herself probably isn’t revelation . As you can see, no one can stop time because this is how life is and we won’t change it, that we all get older with no exceptions… and it’s probably good to be thankful that we get it at all, because not everyone has the chance…

Kreglicka is a woman of class and a handsome husband. A woman subtle in her statements, subtle in appearance, with a subtle hint of mystery. And it’s fun to watch and it’s fun to listen.

Kręglicka is beautiful and classy. It’s a rarity these days. In one photo he looks like Robin Wright. And this one is in a class of its own.

She looks like her age. She cares about her figure, skin, hair and clothes. She doesn’t look younger, but she’s well-groomed.

Miss world, patocelebrytek is the same, the only thing is the appearance and then pretend to be with them Miss elections ;)))

Any truth. And the truth hurts. Abroad, it can be stated with an accuracy of 95% that every woman is Polish or Russian. It looks bad and is a symbol of bad taste and preserving youth at all costs. In the old days, such ladies were called baby gingerbread. Contrary to appearances, it is not a status indicator, let alone a luxury indicator. Just a shame.

she wrote the truth what most of us are starting to notice vomit wants by promoting these artificiality and worthless people!

I have no idea how she became Miss. This is less than the average woman. I was honestly surprised when she was chosen. There is no striking beauty such as Ewa Wachowicz or Agnieszka Kotlarska sp. To this day I am amazed at this.

Right, especially those rented apartments and sponsored vacations! They brag about someone else’s achievements!

And here he is right, because what Majdanka is doing now is exaggerated, everyone knows where he has shirts, jackets, shoes, mattresses that are too small in his son’s bed, forks, spoons, etc. Whatever brothel has in his bed show him how they wipe the anus after pooping. Really, everything has its limits.

Great plastic surgeon + restrictive diet = very good looks. Congratulations.


14 minutes. past

I would like to be beautiful…..

In the last picture like Bogumila Wander

Neither beautiful nor smart … the only plus is thinness

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