The National Oncology Network returns. Bill submitted to the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers

  • Work on the project was completed last week after public consultations by the National Oncological Network
  • The draft was submitted to the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers at the beginning of this week
  • Currently, the KSO pilot is being carried out in four regions: Dolnośląskie, Świętokrzyskie, Podlaskie and Pomorskie

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National Oncology Network. Act addressed to the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers

According to Health Minister Adam Niedzielski, he has good information about the National Oncological Network in an interview with PAP.

– Last week we finalized the work on the project, which was the subject of public consultations, and this week – at the beginning – the project was presented to the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers – explains Niedzielski.

– Now there will be internal consultations, but this means that I still see the possibility of keeping or keeping this deadline in the third quarter of this year for the adoption of the law – summarized the Minister of Health.

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The topic of the National Oncology Network was also raised this week by Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska during the session of the Senate Health Committee.

– It should be remembered that in four regions: Dolnośląskie, Świętokrzyskie, Podlaskie and Pomorskie, a pilot project of the National Oncological Network (KSO) is underway, introducing coordinated, comprehensive care for patients. We want the network to be implemented nationwide by January 1, 2023 – said the Secretary of State.

– A new model for colorectal cancer care – Colorectal Cancer Unit has also been implemented. These highly specialized centers are intended to provide patients with this cancer with comprehensive care at the highest level. In addition, accreditation standards have been published in the field of health services and the functioning of pathomorphological diagnostics. The purchase of endoprostheses for children with skeletal neoplasms in the amount of more than 5 million PLN was also financed – he said.

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What is the National Oncology Network?

On October 9, 2021, the phase of agreements, advice and public consultations about the draft law National Oncological Network started. The project aims to introduce a new model of organization and management of cancer care. It aims to improve the organization of the system of health services in the field of adult oncology.

– The priority is that every patient, regardless of place of residence, receives oncological care based on the same diagnostic and therapeutic standards, ie uniformly defined patient pathways, and that the system is flexible in responding to their needs – underlined on the government website.

The National Oncology Network has specific goals. These are:

  • implementation of the principles of the National Oncological Strategy;
  • realizing an optimal organization of oncological care;
  • improving the quality and safety of cancer diagnosis and treatment;
  • increasing the level of patient satisfaction;
  • cost optimization of oncological care;
  • reversal of adverse epidemiological trends

In addition, in accordance with the principles of the National Cancer Network, a standardized set-up of oncological diagnostics and treatment centers is being ensured at several levels.

Institutions qualified for the National Oncology Network have the right to provide guaranteed oncological care services, financed from public funds. The qualification process for each level of cancer protection is automated, standardized and based on objective criteria. They are also required to transfer data to the KSO’s integrated IT and analytics system.

The National Oncology Network also introduces the oncology care coordinator for each patient and assumes a systematic assessment of patient satisfaction and monitoring of the quality of clinical oncology care at the national level by the National Monitoring Center – Narodowy Instytut Onkologii im. Maria Skłodowskiej-Curie – National Research Institute in Warsaw. Voivodship level monitoring would be performed by Voivodship Monitoring Centres.

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