The most fashionable haircuts for the summer of 2022 – which one will you choose?

Summer is a demanding period for our hair – it is exposed to high temperatures, the damaging effects of sunlight and salty seawater. So they need special care and a good cut.

In order for the haircut to look effective, first of all you need to take care of the proper condition of the hair. Weak, dry and split hair will definitely not fit well. In the summer, our hair is exposed to a lot of damage – UV rays and bathing in salt water disrupt the layer of protection, making it dull and faded and can also fall out excessively. How can you protect yourself against it? There are several proven ways, including:

  • drink a lot of water – in hot weather it is important to keep the body hydrated – drinking 2-3 liters of water is recommended,
  • wear a headgear – hats, hats and scarves in the summer season are our allies. They protect the hair not only from color loss, but also from excessive hair loss.
  • regular hydration – for example, using conditioners or masks adapted to the needs of the hair
  • using cosmetics with a UV filter – there are many products with a protective film on the market – usually they are masks or oils
  • good diet What we eat has a huge impact on our appearance. To make hair strong, healthy and shiny, it is worth including in the diet products with a high content of zinc, selenium, niacin or biotin.

They are very popular this season natural and light hairstylesthat give the woman a fresh look and visually subtract the years. Their great advantage is also that they do not require time-consuming styling. If you are looking for a trendy and easy to style summer hairstyle, go for one of the cuts below:

  • blunt bob – is a simple ear-length haircut, characterized by a razor cut, giving the effect of a blunt cut, or “blunt scissors”. Blunt bob looks great with slicked back hair or styled with a curling iron or flat iron. This is a very versatile summer hairstyle for women with short hair as it will suit almost any face shape
  • bob with bangs – is another timeless proposition that has not gone out of style for many seasons. Whether you choose thick and sleek, asymmetrical or light and slightly longer bangs, you will look fashionable and stylish
  • short hair and shaved side – this hairstyle breaks another summer records of popularity. It is modern and original, which makes it more popular with younger women. It adds extravagance and unique style to styling. Hair is usually burned out on one side or on the back – depending on your preferences it can be a small fragment, for example on the temple or above the ear – or a larger part. The shaved side is very often combined with the popular “page” cut
  • Oct – is an elegant and extremely feminine hairstyle with a claw. It is perfect for ladies with straight, smooth hair. A short, even cut optically increases their volume, making them look healthy and effective. Fringe page suits women of all ages and looks great paired with casual and festive styling.

Owners of longer hair during the holiday season can experiment a bit with their hairstyle. Summer is the time when we are much more likely to change hairstyle, color or hair length. So if you are planning a visit to the hairdresser, you can opt for one of the following haircuts:

  • mullet hair – The hairstyle that was fashionable in the second half of the last century is returning to favor. It looks best on short or medium hair – due to this, the characteristic, significantly elongated back is visible. Mullet hair is a hairstyle recommended for confident women who like an out-of-the-ordinary style and fun with fashion. They fell in love with Miley Cyrus or Zendaya, among others.
  • hairstyles with bangs – Medium hair with light, slightly long bangs in the style of a curtain bang or short and girly baby bangs is a perfect summer proposal. This kind of hairstyles looks fresh, airy and delicate and also goes perfectly with the Christmas styles.
  • zigzag part – another proposal, returning to fashion after many years, is an unobvious, slightly extravagant part – zigzag. This type of styling does not require a cut, but it can significantly change the look of the entire hairstyle. To make it, you will need a special separator or a comb with a thin tip. The zigzag part looks good on any type of hair, be it straight, wavy or curly. Thanks to this, you will quickly get a fashionable holiday look, perfect for going out with friends or an evening party

Women with long hair can style them almost freely. This gives you a lot of room to show off. Which summer hairstyle should you choose to look fashionable, young and glamorous? Here The best styles and cuts for summer 2022

  • long hair and wispy bangs – that is, not too close, light and a bit longer fringe that falls freely to the sides. It goes well with straight and wavy hair, giving it a feminine, slightly romantic character. This type of cut is extremely versatile – the bangs look good both with loose hair and with a ponytail or bun.
  • asymmetrical cut – women who love an original look will definitely fall in love with this hairstyle. Longer hair on one side is an undisputed hit this summer
  • clear shadow – Straight and evenly cut hairstyles have been in vogue for the past few seasons, but now strong shade is back. This will allow you to extract much more charm from your hairstyle, giving it volume. In addition, well shaded hair hardly needs styling – you just need to blow-dry it to arrange it nicely.
  • pigtails – thin and carefully braided braids on long hair are a real hit this summer – they are increasingly seen with many stars, and they are loved by Adriana Lima or Amandra Seyfried, among others

Among trendy hairstyles for summer 2022 Effective and very feminine cuts dominate, which are simple in the daily care and are universal and at the same time attract attention and attract attention. When choosing a new haircut, remember that it should be well adapted to the face shape, hair type and our style.

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