Summer on CANAL + online: news for July 2022

It is said that cinema holidays are cucumber season. Nothing happens. But not in CHANNEL + online! In July, the platform will feature the hottest hits including “The Last Duel” starring Adam Driver, Jodie Comer and Matt Damon directed by Ridley Scott, and the disarming “In-Laws” featuring spectacular roles. Marcin Dorocinski, Maja Ostaszewska, Izabela Kuna and Adam Woronowicz.

Among the July offers on CANAL + online you will also find the thriller “Stillwater” with a touching performance by Matt Damon, as well as the British miniseries “Ridley Road” about a girl who escapes from a stuffy family, who finds herself in the ranks of a neo-Nazi militia.

Below we have prepared some of the most interesting proposals for you. Let me know what you plan to watch.


3 July

In his new film, Ridley Scott draws on an authentic story set in 14th-century France. Then there was a famous duel between knights Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris. The two men fought to decide whether the rape allegations that de Carrouges’ wife had leveled against Le Gris were true. To get to the heart of the conflict, Scott uses an interesting trick: he presents famous events from three different perspectives. Each subsequent view reveals new facts to the viewers, bringing us closer to the truth. The screening of “The Last Duel” is therefore not only an interesting movie experience, but also a stone in the discourse on violence against women. If that doesn’t convince you, the breathtaking scenery and star cast of Jodie Comer, Matt Damon and Adam Driver will undoubtedly suffice.

10th of July

Bill is a tough guy who has a lot on his conscience. He spent the best years of his life on the oil rig, drinking and taking drugs to cope with the burden of everyday life. Unexpectedly, the news that his long-unseen daughter was imprisoned in Paris for the murder of her friend turns out to be a chance for redemption. The girl claims to be innocent. Bill goes abroad to save her. Because she does not know the language or the French legal system, she will fight for justice and freedom for her daughter at all costs. Someone rightly noted that this is a variation of the adventures of Jason Bourne, if he had chosen an alternative career path. However, instead of dizzying action sequences, expect an unhurried pace and emotions. All based on Tom McCarthy’s Oscar-winning ‘Spotlight’ script.

July 11

Meet Ron, a retired teen who has no friend or even a handheld robot. When she finally gets it, the machine turns out to be broken. As we read in the review, “the flaws the characters struggle with, while hilarious, are in fact a metaphor for the bond being formed between them”. Get ready for lots of brilliant humor and tears of emotion. In the story of growing up in a world dominated by technology, it’s hard not to see the truth about the world around us.

16th of July

miniseries, 1st episode; a different one every week

The four-hour miniseries “Ridley Road” tells a true story that took place in London in the 1960s. His heroine Vivien runs away from home after her Orthodox Jewish parents arranged for her to get married. The girl goes to bustling Soho to meet her true love. Once there, he finds himself at the center of the struggle against fascism. At the urging of her friends, she joins a neo-Nazi militia to spy on it from within. Fortunately for her and for her adversity, the organization’s charismatic leader takes an interest in her. As we read in the description, this is a story about ordinary people who did extraordinary things. The makers announce a romantic break-in and brutal break-in in a moving action film. We are also convinced by the beautiful costumes and the great Rory Kinnear in his role.

July 17

Here is a story about Romeo and Juliet from the pages of Polish history. The year is 1968. Students are expelled from the university and “Dziady” disappears from the National Theater. In a divided country, Hania and Janek fight for their affection – which is not easy, as their families are on opposite sides of the barricade. Despite the serious subject matter, there is a lot of lightness and youthful energy here. Vanessa Aleksander and Ignacy Liss are so charming in their roles that it’s hard not to cheer for their heroes. And all this against the background of the complex socio-political situation of our country. It is worth going back in time to better understand the present.

July 24

Who said you need a bride at a wedding? Certainly not the in-laws! Especially if it costs a lot of money. The idea of ​​clashing two radically different families, frustrated by the fact that their children, despite the enormous expense and lengthy preparations, have not married, is disarming in its simplicity. This is Poland in a nutshell. The creators have managed to capture the essence of our gripping nature and show our national vices at a glance. As the wedding goes on, all the masks fall off and the brakes are released. We seem to know such weddings, but we’ve never laughed so hard at them. And on the screen the favorites of Polish cinema: Maja Ostaszewska, Marcin Dorociński, Izabela Kuna and Adam Woronowicz. It is a pity not to accept the invitation.

July 31

Tenement in Mokotów. The tranquility of the residents is disturbed by the appearance of the alleged owner of the property. The man is not afraid to evict all her tenants. And it succeeds with most families. Except Janina Markowska, who is determined to fight for her rights and housing. One day the woman disappears. The investigation into her case gradually begins to reveal the next levels of a complex plot involving high-ranking people in the city. If the story sounds familiar to you, that’s quite right. “Tenant” is inspired by the fate of an authentic activist Jolanta Brzeska, whose burnt body was found in the forest. Michał Otłowski’s film reveals the shocking facts of the case and plays an important role in the subject of illegal evictions.

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