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08:14, 02/07/2022 | mat. press.

Like every year, the Volunteer Work Corps organizes the national “Summer VLC Action”. The headquarters estimates about 250 VLC units and 10 thousand school and university students. KG OHP together with employers prepared more than 5.5 thousand. seasonal vacancies.

Work can be performed by persons older than 15 years. Pupils and students usually work on the basis of civil law contracts (for a specific work or a mandate contract). To get temporary employment, you must be in possession of an identity card and a school or student card. In the case of minors, the written consent of parents or legal guardians is also required. Until June this year, 7,797 people were registered. In some sectors, such as the catering industry, a health booklet is also required.

For a summer job, no special qualifications are usually required. Pupils and students are most commonly employed as flyer distributors, interviewers, warehouse workers, merchandisers, telemarketers, call center workers, receptionists, assistants, secretaries, teachers, as well as accounting and office assistants and hostesses.
More than 1,500 people are already employed. Small gastronomy owners employ young people as salesmen and hotel workers. Currently, more than 2,500 people are assigned to summer work. Seasonal workers are also needed in agriculture. Employers are looking for people who want to work in the collection, processing, packaging and sale of fruit and vegetables. The hourly wage may not be lower than the national minimum rate, ie from PLN 19.70 gross. People who expect a higher income are helped by OHP to find an attractive job abroad – in this case, however, language skills and often appropriate certificates are required.

UCP counselors give young people all the directions in terms of contracts and ways to negotiate working conditions. There are currently more than 3,800 short-term vacancies. People who are looking for work through the VLC can also count on support in the field of job placement and guidance. This year too, young people from Ukraine can count on extensive support from the Volunteer Corps.

VLC training activities are not limited to the holiday season. Our specialists provide a wide range of professional courses throughout the year. The most popular training is in machine operation – including excavators, backhoe loaders and trucks. Gastronomy courses (cook, waiter, bartender, barista, etc.), hairdressing, beauty, makeup and styling courses are also very popular.

For information about vocational training, you can contact the regional Centers for Education and Work for Youth or Centers for Youth Career. Offers are also available on the internet at: and Until June this year. 62 job fairs and 20 job fairs were held.

News about the Volunteer Labor Corps can be found on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and on the Headquarters website.

Volunteer corps are a budget unit that is supervised by the Minister of Family and Social Policy. The statutory aim of the VLC is to support state education through the social, professional and economic activation of young people. The beneficiaries of the activities of the volunteer corps are people between the ages of 15 and 25. VLC helps them complete school and gain or increase professional qualifications in more than 60 sectors. In addition, the Hufce undertakes and supports all initiatives aimed at education through work and combating unemployment. Currently 27 budget units operate within the structures of the Voluntary Labor Corps. Including 16 provincial headquarters, seven centers of education and training. The regiments have four vocational training centers to which 208 units of care and education and 243 units of employment services are subject.

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