I went on a picnic with an electrician through half of Poland. The journey is three hours longer than the combustion engine, but … Skoda Enyaq iV 80 test

May weekend different than usual. Instead of a proven diesel car, I chose the electric Skoda Enyaq, which went to our editors for a long-distance test. I had to cover almost 450 km one way, which is more than the range of the electric Skoda. So there was no other option but to charge at least once on the route from Siedlce to Gdynia and one more when returning from the picnic. But is that enough? Unfortunately I had more questions than answers before the trip.

Beware of an electrician ie when will the electricity run out?

But one thing I know for sure: too much caution can’t hurt. Hence the strategy of stopping every 100-150 km for recharging when going to the coast. With the GreenWay network card in my pocket, I looked where I could find chargers. It turns out that traveling the less traveled, but very pleasant route Siedlce – Wyszków – Ciechanów – Mława and then the convenient express S7 to Gdynia (the popular ABRP application suggests a longer route A2 to Łódź and then A1), you could easily take breaks to top up the electricity to drive to the destination with at least half the battery charged. Unfortunately, there was no time to “refuel” and I set out from Siedlce on Saturday afternoon, when 78 percent appeared on the battery status display. The plan: get to your destination quickly and avoid angry outbursts. The same assumption was made on the way back from the picnic. I have activated the recommended “Eco” mode, put the gearbox in the “B” position and used cruise control whenever possible.

The long journey through Poland has not only become an incentive to observe other drivers. It also raised a lot of thoughts. When driving an electric car, the world behind the wheel appears to be completely different.

From 17.5 kWh – how much does the Skoda Enyaq consume?

First impression: driving electric on local roads (everything except highways and highways) is no different than driving with a regular diesel or petrol. Driving at or slightly faster than the speed limit to keep up with other drivers will not discharge the battery. The energy consumption of 17.5 kWh is very good. However, something else in the way of the so-called rapid movement.

On the S7 route, the cruise control was set at 110 km/h. This is sufficient to drive fairly economically (consumption rises to approx. 20 kWh) and not to irritate truck drivers. It was amazingly easy to find out that the whole automotive world was moving faster than me. Most drove as if they wanted to make a very attractive sale – quickly or very quickly. With 110 km/h on the digital counter, I was only ahead of campers or a few trucks.

What are they going to the picnic? From BMW to Peugeot

Motorized Poland on the S7 between Mława and Gdańsk was a world dominated by premium segment cars. The most popular brands are Audi and BMW. Models such as the A4, A6, series 3 and 5 and the large SUVs Q7 and X5 dominated. Mercedes cars are like medicine. The S-Class or GLE has met him once.

This year’s picnic was all about cycling trips. Many drivers took their two wheels on board. Transport configurations varied. The easiest way to keep an eye on the bikes was transported on the roof (and so they were transported faster than I was driving the electric Skoda Enyaq) and the tow bar. However, I could easily see the station wagon with the bikes in the cab. By the way, I also used the same configuration, because after folding the sofa, the Skoda Enyaq easily fits into two typical “highlanders”.

Photo: Tomasz Okurowski / Auto wiat

Skoda Enyaq iV 80 Founders Edition

Rudeness on the road. End of stereotypes

On the S7 freeway, unfortunately, it was not without rudeness on the road. Most often, they rushed with lights and “hung on the bumper” the drivers of the new Mazd 6 (and not just in the right shade of red). The honor of German brands was defended only by a young driver in a tuned Audi A5. Fortunately, most travelers drove calmly and without nerves. It’s easy to be polite, like in the jammed Wyszków or on the roundabouts at the jammed S7 for Mława. Well done!

The automotive side of the picnic isn’t just the premium segment on the S7 road. It turns out that the most popular are Skoda Superb and Kodiaq. Fabia or Octavia are almost white crows. In the case of French brands, the easiest way to find beautiful dark copies of Citroen C5 (usually in the richest version Exclusive) and Peugeot 207 (usually driven by ladies). The Japanese were dominated by the new Toyota Yaris, which usually outperformed the families in Audi. The modest share of Korean cars was surprising. If that were up to me, it was usually the new Kia Ceed.

Skoda Enyaq iV 80 Founders Edition

Photo: Tomasz Okurowski / Auto wiat

Skoda Enyaq iV 80 Founders Edition

The Volkswagen Passat, until recently the king of cars for managers, was surprisingly little seen. Stranger still, it usually appeared in a sedan rather than the fleet’s popular station wagon. In addition, they are modestly equipped with ordinary daytime running lights. There’s something else about the D-Class twilight – other rivals in the segment are almost white crows on the S7 highway (not counting the Skoda Superb).

Police during the picnic. A patrol at 900 km. And a tow truck

The police were almost invisible during the picnic. Granted, warning devices sounded the alarm from time to time with reports of unmarked police cars, but I didn’t come across them. The only road during the nearly 900 km journey through the country is a patrol at Siedlce. More important, however, is something else: not a single accident happened on my long journey.

The only car that needed roadside assistance was the Toyota RAV4 of the previous generation. I do not know the reasons for the intervention. However, the car ended up on a tow truck. I haven’t met a legendary tow truck queen, but jokes about French or Italian cars have.

The stories that the electric car is blissfully quiet is nonsense. Although the Skoda Enyaq is very well soundproofed, you still hear not only wind or tire noise, but also the work of the suspension. You also don’t need a trained ear to hear a characteristic soft whistle very similar to that of a modern train departing from the station.

GreenWay’s chargers were usually empty, which was good for me because I wanted to have time. Unfortunately, even with on-board navigation or Google Maps, it wasn’t easy to find them (e.g. at the back of the truck parking lot in Mława or at the back of a construction supermarket near the Tricity ring road). There was one consolation: users of other electric cars, who could sometimes be found while charging, usually turned out to be quite eager for a friendly chat. You can forget the opportunity to eat in a good pub. It was hard to find anything nearby (apart from a McDonald’s under construction in Wyszków).

How not to get bored when stopping to charge an electric car?

We spent our free time charging, not just on a walk (I recommend it for health, and not just to score points or steps in the application). The wooden kendama toys that I keep discovering thanks to my son also turned out to be a good way of entertainment. It’s pretty good exercise and relaxation. It’s worth the try.

A break in the journey is also an opportunity for a unique folklore, namely a meal in one of the outlets of the popular fast food chain. It turned out that the family traveling with electric Kia broke the record in line to the terminal (to place the order). Problems were caused not only by requests with discount coupons, but also by the cashless payment itself. I must admit they tried very hard to test the patience of other queues. I’m not suggesting anything, of course.

An electrician longer, but…

There are no miracles. Unfortunately, the travel time of an electrician is significantly longer than that of an internal combustion engine. Much depends on scheduling charging breaks. Consequently, after about 8 hours I came from Siedlce to Gdynia. (with a regular diesel it takes about 5 hours 30 minutes). The return was already an hour shorter, thanks to a full charge of Skoda (remember that carmakers charge up to 80% with daily use) and an hour-long stop with a fast charger.

It is significant, however, that I walked out of the electrician refreshed every time, which is not so obvious in the case of a combustion engine car, when we usually want to get there as early as possible and avoid interruptions in the journey like fire.

Picnic with an electric car? It’s easy to get the impression that the world is speeding forward. I’m still standing. I’m at the charger. Guess what? It doesn’t bother me at all.

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