8 fabrics perfect for summer. Which materials to choose on hot days?

The heat can be unbearable — especially if you’re wearing clothes that don’t let air through, don’t even cling to your body, and easily change color with sweat. Even the fact that they look great on you doesn’t make up for it.

The solution is fabrics that are worth wearing at temperatures above 25 degrees. Here is a brief overview of sturdy and comfortable materials made for summer wear. It’s not just linen and cotton – there are many more!

Airy materials – a solution for hot days

You can’t handle high temperatures just by drinking water or staying in the shade. A great way to survive the summer is an airy wardrobe that will keep you comfortable and forget about sweat stains. It is better to look for such clothes earlier than high summer, so that you are not surprised by the warm weather.

The best summer materials

What material characteristics should you pay attention to? Focus on their durability and origin – the latter doesn’t have to be all natural. As you will learn, some airy fabrics are made from cellulose, primarily those made from eucalyptus, bamboo, or beech wood.

If you are often allergic, pay attention to its hypoallergenic properties. Some materials are painted with paint that is not only harmful to the environment, but also to your health. You can also opt for fabrics that are light and space-saving, for example in a suitcase.

1. Cotton

Cotton is one of the best materials out there. With a small addition of elastic fibers, it adapts well to the body and after removing the clothes it quickly returns to its previous shape. In the shops you will find different types of cotton, including plumeti, hypoallergenic bamboo cotton or cotton cambric, which looks phenomenal on crinkled dresses. And if you want to be sure that your raw materials have been sourced ethically, choose Oeko-Tex or GOTS-certified cotton.

2. Linen

It’s linen that first comes to mind when we think of the perfect materials for summer. No wonder – it is durable, has a cooling effect and protects against UV rays. It is safe for allergy sufferers and does not use large amounts of water in the manufacturing process. However, it has a few drawbacks – it can be especially rough and wrinkle easily. However, it is enough to choose a mixture with a mixture of other fibers, and the clothes will be much more pleasant to wear. Linen is also more expensive than other raw materials. However, you can rest assured that it is worth investing in!

3. Viscose

Viscose is mistakenly considered an artificial substance – it is made from vegetable fibers, precisely cellulose. It is light, breathable and absorbs more moisture than cotton. In stores you can usually find it in the form of dresses or blouses. A greener variant, EcoVero, is also available.

4. Modal

Modal is made on the basis of viscose – just like it copes with moisture better than cotton. It is soft and slightly shiny, which will appeal to lovers of elegant stylizations. Its characteristic feature is also resistance to puffs and other damage.

5. Cool Wool

Summer wool? Yes! Although we associate it with warm sweaters, wool type cool wool cools and is sweat and dust resistant. The addition of wool is the perfect solution if you want to wear a light jacket or cardigan. The downside is that it requires more care than other fabrics – you have to wash it by hand in a delicate shampoo, for example.

6. Lyocell

Lyocell is a eucalyptus cellulose fiber that is produced slightly differently from the rest of this type of material. No harmful substances or a lot of water are required for this process. It is therefore ecological and skin-friendly. Because of its appearance, it is sometimes called artificial silk. Lyocell wicks away moisture perfectly – it does even better than modal and viscose.

7. Cupric

Another fabric that comes from cellulose and resembles silk in properties. However, unlike this luxurious material, cupro is not as sensitive to the sun’s rays. It fits nicely on the body and gives a pleasant cooling sensation.

8. Jersey

The last of the materials proposed by us is made of cotton or wool fibers. Jersey fabric is lightweight and breathable. Many garments are made from it – in popularity it can compete with cotton.

Don’t wait to shop for the summer!

Have we been able to convince you that it is worth looking at the composition described on the label? If so, get started today – for example, while shopping at the online store JestModna! There you will find light, airy clothes with which you can look beautiful and enjoy the summer days in comfort.

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