Ziobro wants to reverse the liquidation of the Polish mining industry. “We will present the project”

Ziobro wants to reverse the liquidation of the Polish mining industry.
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We will present a project on Poland’s energy security, which aims to reverse the decisions related to the liquidation of the Polish mining industry, said Poland Solidarity Leader, Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro.

As Ziobro noted at a Sejm press conference, “Poles hear almost every day that the price of coal is breaking records.” “The alarming tones are not imaginary, they are not a creation of Polish politicians, but they are a real scenario that looks Europe in the eyes of Europe, as a result of the growing conflict, the war that Putin caused by the attack on Ukraine and the energy and economic war directly affecting the EU and our country,” he said.

The leader of Solidarity Poland recalled that his group was opposed to the doctrine pushed by Brussels to implement the strategy of an agreement between Berlin and Moscow, that is, trade in Russian gas for the benefit of the Russian and German economies, but with a major risk for the Polish economy.”

“Today the situation is dramatic, Europe is looking for coal in different parts of the world, and Poland, which has coal, is looking for coal in Colombia, Venezuela and Indonesia,” Ziobro noted.

Therefore, in the opinion of the SP leader, “special measures are needed to reverse the unfavorable solutions that have been urged with such enthusiasm by the government of the PO-PSL led by Donald Tusk”.

He made a reservation that Solidarna Polska is not opposed to referring to “green energy”. “However, we are aware that in these geographic conditions in which we live + green energy + there can never and will never be an effective replacement for our country’s main source of energy, which could be coal and should be coal or gas, if would be available, or an atom with the prospect of being built for many, many years” – said Ziobro.

As he said, his group will therefore table a draft law related to Poland’s energy security, which aims to reverse these trends and decisions regarding the liquidation of the Polish mining industry and that very extensive, intensive investment in the Polish mining, in large Polish coal reserves and in Polish coal energy”.

In turn, MP Janusz Kowalski added that his party’s management decided to introduce such a bill, which “should open a rapid investment path in Polish coal and lignite mining”. “Today, what Poland needs most is investment in Polish mining so that there is no shortage of coal for millions of Polish families” – he said. As he added, it is also about opening the way to hire more miners.

Ziobro recalled that “we will discuss this project on Thursday at the next Council of Ministers, convened at the request of Solidarna Polska”. Last week, Ziobro said the government would debate the issue of coal energy in a special meeting and the possible appointment of a special trustee for major coal investments.

On the other hand, the minister in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Michał Wójcik, emphasized that “the SP consistently contests the EU’s climate policy”. “Today there must be a serious debate in Poland, and at the request of the SP such an honest, concrete debate must take place. We will also present our proposal as SP” – he emphasized.

“I trust that our ideas, which we intend to present in more detail during the Council of Ministers, will receive the understanding and support of PiS and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki,” Ziobro said.

Representatives of Solidarna Polska said the new regulations should partially come into effect before the next heating season, in order to “provide Poland with a peaceful winter and at the same time provide the raw material for Polish homes for years to come.” (DAD)

authors: Marcin Jabłoński, Piotr Śmiłowicz

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