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The New Horizons International Film Festival will again visit Wrocław. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know the world through a movie, especially as the prices of traveling abroad could be staggering this year. The 22nd edition of the event will take place on July 21-31. The online part of the festival will take a week longer. New Horizons’ main partner is mBank.

New Horizons – what is this festival?

New Horizons International Film Festival is a unique event that has been organized in Wrocław for many years. The event has served as a place where daring artistic cinema is presentedin search of new forms of expression that far exceed the boundaries of conventional film. The festival is marked every year “Freshness” and “diversity”† You don’t have to be a movie buff to find something for yourself.

New Horizons extends the red carpet

Guests of “New Horizons” will have the feeling of being present at the most important Cannes Film Festival! All because the organizers extend the red carpet from the Cote d’Azur straight to Wrocław† During the 22nd edition of the New Horizons International Film Festival, viewers will see the most recent and interesting titleswhich premiered at the world’s most important film-related events.

This year’s repertoire includes the second part “The Souvenir” directed by Joanna Hogg. The winner of the Golden Bear at the prestigious Berlinale will also have a Polish premiere at the festival – “Alcarras” Carl Simon. There will also be “Sunset” directed by Michel Franco, which was presented at the Venice International Film Festival. These productions are just some of the big festival hits that the organizers have prepared for you.

New Horizons brings us closer to directors

“New Horizons” is also a great opportunity to learn about the work of directors whose films rarely appear in Polish cinemas. As part of this year Retrospective viewers see, among other things, creation Jonas Mekas – Lithuanian-American director, one of the main representatives of the American counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s and a friend of John Lennon, Allen Ginsberg and Andy Warhol. He will also be present at the International Film Festival in Wrocław Lucile Hadžihalilovic – an outstanding French director with Bosnian roots, the creator of amazing film worlds and the owner of an unbridled fantasy, associated with Gaspar Noem professionally and privately for 30 years. In addition, during this year’s edition of “New Horizons”, you can see the first Polish retrospective of films Agnieszka Holland

New Horizons takes you on a crazy night

Who said that movie can’t make you a little crazy? Murderous tires, bloodthirsty coats, slimy constrictors, werewolves experiencing the rigors of growing up – these are just some of the characters who have appeared in so far New Horizons Midnight Movies† In this part of the event, we will be showcasing movies that are so crazy they are beautiful.

This year there will be no shortage of chefs who will perform “sound cooking” (“Flux Gourmet”, direct. Peter Strickland), a superhero in the company of a disco car owner (“Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon”, direct. Ana Lily Amirpour) and an eternally disgruntled computer scientist (“Nobody’s Hero”, direct. Alain Guiraudie). You will get to know all these unusual but crazy heroes in the section “Night Madness”† You can’t miss it!

New Horizons is a completely different cinema

The 22nd edition of the “New Horizons” International Film Festival takes viewers into a world of a very different cinema. The heart of the event is vanthat holds the entire repertoire together. There is an opportunity to see you during the event movies that escape classic genres, established patterns and numerous conventions. Most of these types of productions will be available as part of the the “Lost Lost Lost” sectionwho comes to the viewer with an offer of a journey through the unknown film world.

New Horizons is not just movies

“New Horizons” is not only movies, but also good musicwho supervises various productions. The ensemble will perform in Wrocław during the 22nd International Film Festival Tinder sticks – alternative rock legend from Nottingham. For three decades the band has been making sensitive, melancholic compositions that are combined with a beautiful voice Stuart A. Staples sounds like Nick Cave is singing about Twin Peaks. The organizers invite you to a concert on July 22 at 11:00 PM

Cinema broadens your horizon!

Prices for travel abroad this year can make you dizzy† Fortunately, there are other ways to explore the world. One of the most popular options is to broaden your horizons thanks to… a movie show† It’s a journey to completely unknown corners of the world† That is why at the New Horizons International Film Festival you can see many films that originated on different continents

Podcast “New Horizons: More Good Cinema”

The New Horizons International Film Festival in Wrocław shows you the cinema made in EuropeNorth America and southAfrica and Asia† For those who want to get acquainted with international film productions, a special one has been made podcast called “New Horizons: More Good Cinema”. In the first episode, the journalist of RMF Classic, Magdalena Juszczyk, spoke with the artistic director of “Nowe Horyzontów”, Małgorzata Sadowska. The topic of the conversation was the announced section “Focus on Kosovo”which will present the work of artists from our vicinity. The main partner of the podcast is mBank.

Nearby neighborhood – focus on KosovoNew Horizons: More good cinema

He has already appeared on the internet second episode of the podcastwhere we learned interesting facts about asian movies† About the movies with ChinaJapanSouth KoreaBhutan if India we spoke with Łukasz Mańkowski – a Japanese expert, film expert specialized in Asian cinema, translator and expert of “New Horizons”.

Asian cinema – understand or feelNew Horizons: More good cinema

22nd New Horizons International Film Festival

The 22nd edition of the New Horizons International Film Festival will take place on July 21-31 in Wroclaw† One week longer, because until august 7will last online part of the event† The full program of the event will be presented on 5 July. Ticket sales and access to online films will start on July 7. All detailed information is available on the organizer’s website.

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