“The days end when you’ve flown to Italy out of boredom.” Wyborcza described the DIFFICULTY of people earning 25,000. at hand

Elections are gone. It describes the hardships of people who earn several thousand a month – and for example have to forgo going to Italy “for pizza” or “buy another apartment”. Ah, these Poles have nothing to do with money!

I will emphasize very clearly at the beginning: we don’t know is the text of “Wyborcza” just a little colored† You will soon see that some of the cases described in the text are extremely exaggerated. They are so abstract that it is hard to believe they are real.

Wyborcza: “I’m not going to the hairdresser to have a rainy day if this country keeps me going again”

It is difficult to summarize the text quickly, which normally takes about 25,000. characters (yes, I’ve looked). Therefore, below you will find the first example mentioned in the text. Watch out, it’s thick:


Paweł, 35, director of a large IT company. He almost owns a 200m house in Michałowice near Warsaw† He and his wife earn 25,000. “on hand”. He recently sold an apartment in Praga and he still has a “studio apartment for investment”. He fears that inflation will eat his money. He doesn’t know if he can finish the house:

But compromises are not always a solution, Paweł will not just lay down panels. He dreams of a herringbone parquet or a solid wooden floor. Even if he has to eat potatoes with onions for half a year, he will do it […] But some common expenses need to be cut, such as travel. Until now, holidays have always been on a grand scale, they went to the Seychelles or to New York† But you have to save that, in January they bought a holiday in Turkey for 4.5 thousand. PLN for four nights.

Poor Paweł, instead of the Seychelles he only has four nights in Turkey

The times when you were bored to fly to Italy for PLN 50 to eat a pizza and come back are clearly coming to an end.


It is not profitable for couples to drive ‘good cars’ from leasing, because fuel is too expensive for them. They also hurt that they recently had to pay 38 zloty for a beer. Bloodbath!

It was one such example that you should give an overview of this text. I’m talking about the middle class, which in Poland is more often equated with ‘okay, get on’. [ludzi w niej] to maintain an apartment, a car and a comfortable life’, not ‘Okay, we have 25,000. ON REQUEST WE WILL RENT WITH A LITTLE WILLA AND A STUDIO”.

Because this is the reality in Poland† The middle class has a huge spread. In theory, it includes people who can buy a flat on credit as well as people with a monthly income ⅕ the annual income of other people in the same class.


Think how can people react to such “news”, who appeared in “Wyborcza”.

Comments from Internet users joke about the lyrics of “Wyborcza”

The citizen text became a hit on Twitter. Internet users tore the text apart. Sometimes maliciously, sometimes very wisely† Some of them are:

only Wyborcza can write a text about how young people are overtaken and gives a 35-year-old with a house of 200 meters as an example xD

A man makes 4k, drives a 12 year old VW, but he doesn’t complain, that’s what it is. He comes home, turns on the internet, reads descriptions of inflation “dramas” from owners of 200-foot houses, 300,000 cars, people who earn 15x more, and feels like the protagonist of the Black Mirror episode 👽

I am 33 years old, I have a child, a dog, I live in a small town and live 30 meters away. NO BAD PATOLA, WHAT IS NOT

This article is a joke. No contact with reality.

idea for a reality show: “middle class” described by Gazeta Wyborcza trying to survive on 10,000 zloty a week. they are joined in this challenge by cameras, the ghost of Milton Friedman and the so-called Portfolio Curators.

On the road from Konin to Opole I read Wyborcza about “middle class problems” and I think we have some pretty good conceptual confusion. 35k/month, investment properties and holidays in Seychelles – this is not even close to the average. Polish middle class people join me in the range. And they have slightly different problems

The comments below the Wyborcza text are no better:


Oh beaver, what a comedy. Inflation eats away at typical air conditioning installations, it won’t cry.

The whole truth about the lack of opportunities for young people? Pawe earns 25,000 (all the same gross or net) IS NOT a typical youth representative. Even taking into account recent inflation 🙂

Is this text real?

I’m afraid this text is sponsored by PiS

You must have been completely warmed up by this heat

Whoever wrote this text doesn’t know Paul and doesn’t know what it’s like to earn 300,000 a year. Grace. No opportunities for young people. From the series how to survive in Poland for 25k. Dry bread and water. PLN 900 return from Wawa to Gdansk? How much does it smoke? My smokes on route 10, in the city 15 and 900 I will not spend on such a trip.

The whole of Poland reads in which world young Varsovians live. And all of Poland is rubbing her eyes in surprise 🙂

Have the youngsters “taken over”? YES

There is no other way: young people without children will have great difficulty buying a flat. If they’re still fighting without the help of their parents, then…there won’t be an easy chance. Inflation and galloping house prices are destroying many people’s opportunities.

Only comb. It is a joke to describe the problem of rising house and material prices through the prism of high earners. The text spoke, among other things, of people who had to “leave the Seychelles” in favor of Turkey. Young people often have nowhere to go on holiday because they cannot provide for themselves / have to earn living money / have junk contracts and are not entitled to vacation.


If we look at the case from the third side: the text is unbelievably “Warsaw”. Ie presents unrealistic conditions for most of the rest of Poland.

Because maybe for someone from Warsaw earning “25,000 a hand” in two is “normal”, but I can assure you one thing: for most people that is not the case. The rest often have to rely on a high inheritance or a windfall to have a chance at life.

And then “Wyborcza” comes in with a text about how bad is the “middle class” making a fortune in 2022.


It will be bad with inflation or unemployment. But people making $25,000 now. on hand will survive without major problems. These are the few units in the group. These are people who make 4,000. with credit they will suffer the most. It’s not that “they don’t go to New York.” They may be on the brink of bankruptcy or exhaustion.

Source: Wyborcza, Twitter

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