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The ’22 trends in the ice cream category

Ice cream producers are constantly following trends and looking for unique flavors. Attract and intrigue non-obvious solutions, but also hold the customer’s attention for longer. Consumers like to have a choice, especially in the ice cream category, so the variety of flavors and variants guarantees a higher turnover. Among the impulse ice creams, the most popular are those on the stick, which make up 60% of the most purchased sizes [2]and slightly less popular ice cream in cones, cups, sandwiches, and other varieties.

Polish women and Poles want to be surprised by the wide range of ice cream and the company Wedel meets their expectations, which develops its offer of icy snacks based on four hot trends of the season.

1. Looking for taste

When choosing sweets, customers are guided by their taste – this is nothing new, because every consumer in the world is looking for the full-fledged pleasure of a sweet snack. According to the survey, regardless of the product – chocolate, biscuits or ice cream – residents of Poland, France and Great Britain expect exceptional taste sensations, influenced, among other things, by a wealth of ingredients and additives. [3]† In the ice cream category, the classic combination of a thick, creamy mass covered with a thick layer of chocolate is a guarantee of success and satisfaction for many taste buds. Wedel’s range is tailored to the needs of the consumer – referring to both classics and new, surprising flavor combinations.

2. Botanical Inspiration

This season is dominated by a trend inspired by products derived from fruits and plants (flower extracts). On the one hand it is favored by increasingly turning to natural, unprocessed products and ingredients, on the other hand by the desire to explore undiscovered experiences, for example in the form of flower ice cream. The unique combination of classics with special additions enables consumers to discover previously unknown experiences. New this year from Wedel, in the OH! ice cream line, are those with the taste of lavender flower and cherry, directly referring to the botanical trend. Wedel’s flower ice cream is a unique combination of cream mass with a hint of lavender and lemon sorbet, and cherry blossom with a juicy cherry sorbet, both in crunchy chocolate with additives.

3. Fruit-filled sorbets

The popularity of full fruit sorbets has been a strong global trend for several years now. The flavor that is currently one of the hottest trends of the season is raspberry. Wedel’s offer therefore includes a delicately sweet and slightly sour sorbet, consisting of 59% raspberry puree and soaked in Wedel original bitter chocolate. In addition, the OH! There is a novelty – black currant sorbet, as well as a summer classic, ie mango sorbet. Both are a unique Wedel concept – a combination of a strong fruity taste with crunchy white Wedel chocolate.

4. Creamy, crunchy and surprising – multisensory

The association of ice cream with pleasure is associated with the body’s reactions and specific stimuli. These are the so-called visual, voice, tactile or smell triggers, which automatically stimulate the senses. Such a pleasant stimulus is undoubtedly the multisensory effect, which is provided by nuts, almonds, pieces of chocolate and fruit immersed in a creamy mass of ice – both in the form of solid and liquid syrup. OH line! is a proposal that fits the trends of taste enjoyment and multisensory nature. It is distinguished by the content of crunchy Wedel chocolate (milk, white and white caramel), as well as a variety of textures: almonds, peanuts, strawberries, shortbread cookies or salty caramel sauce.

We design the range of our Wedel ice cream, observe the market and research consumer preferences, which are our constant inspiration. Our ice cream team, in close cooperation with the quality department, combines global trends with the expectations of Polish consumers to provide them with a whole range of their favorite flavors in the highest quality for which Wedel is known. Thanks to the new products introduced every year, we provide an element of surprise” says Aleksandra Kusz vel Sobczuk, corporate communications manager at Wedel.

By creating an original ice cream offer, Wedel was able to strengthen its position in the ice cream sector for 4 years. The company’s success in the icy sweet snacks category is due to the unique team responsible for the ice cream portfolio, as well as the longstanding chocolate tradition, which has allowed it to bring two top products – ice cream and chocolate with a common denominator – the pleasure of taste. Ice cream products are available in many stores, both smaller and large discounters. More information on how to find Wedel ice cream is available on the website https://wedel.pl.

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Source of information: Wedel

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