Hot summer, resignation of President Gdansk and railway problems [PIĄTEK W RADIU GDAŃSK]

Outside the window it is warm, we have really tropical temperatures. In such weather you want to swim in the sea … But hot, windless days and warm water in the Baltic Sea, unfortunately, are the best conditions for the blooming of cyanobacteria. What is the situation this year – are sea baths safe? Which bathing areas should I avoid on any given day? Where can you find answers to these questions? Olga Zielińska will talk, among others, with “Guest of Radio Gdansk Day”what it will be Anna Obuchoska, deputy to the Pomeranian State Provincial Sanitary Inspector. The conversation starts promptly at 08:30† The host and her guest will also discuss issues related to the safety of consumption in catering establishments and the pandemic – has the danger passed and is it worth vaccinating?

In “Local Government Friday from Radio Gdansk” Gdańsk councilors will discuss the discharge and a vote of confidence for the mayor, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, to implement the 2021 budget. The councilors also want the president to address the issue of increasing security in the city. area of ​​the Main Town. It is a result of the nighttime car rally along Długi Targ and ul. Stągiewna, which ended in an accident. They will discuss these issues Kamila Błaszczyk (Civic Coalition) and Przemyslaw Majewskic (Law and Justice). For a meeting a few minutes later 9:00 am Joanna Stankiewicz invites.

Challenges for rail transport in Poland and many related questions: where are the bottlenecks? How to solve the problems? Are we prepared for changes in supply direction as a result of the dynamic changes brought about, among other things, by the war in Ukraine? Are rail deliveries safe? We look for answers to these questions in the program “People and Money”† Iwona Wysocka will be a guest Jaromir Falandyszvice president of Lotos Kolej and Maciej Wośko, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Bankowa. The program will also cover other topics, such as the race for the Polish nuclear power plant. How will the Polish nuclear situation change our energy security situation? We also ask a little about the future of interest rates, because according to economists at the Polish Economic Institute, the last rate hike could take place in June. As far as possible? The first of these questions will be asked on our ether a few minutes later 9:30 am

On the program “Studio Polityka”like every friday we invite you a few minutes later 11 a.m.† Piotr Kubiak and Jarosław Popek will talk with Mark Formel from “Gazeta Gdańska” and the portal en Andrzej Potockic of the weekly “Sieci” and the portal This time a blogger, traveler and journalist is a special guest of the program Krzysztof PuternickicThe main topics that will be discussed on our airwaves during the program are the NATO summit, the expression by European Union leaders of a willingness to meet (during the G20 summit) with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the scandal on the removal of disabled people from the European Solidarity Center and the felled oak of freedom in the Health and Security Hall (planted by Bronisław Komorowski).

But in the afternoon we invite you to the next episode “Musical Summer with Radio Gdansk”† We will go on tour again to know the most interesting places and corners of Pomerania, as well as to seek the “Pomeranian Delicacy”. This time, our satellite car and the tent, which houses our mobile studio, will stop at Park Nowe Rozme in the capital of Kociewie, ie in Starogard Gdański. As always we will talk to interesting guests and tell you what is worth seeing in Kociewie. We will also try “Hemp Pesto”, a Kociewie delicacy in a jar. Be with us afterwards 12:00 o’clock

In “Regional News” punctual 2.30 PM EVENING we’ll see what’s going on Southern Kashubia

In turn, at 4:20 p.m. we invite all lovers of the complexity of lawsuits, prosecutors’ investigations and those interested in the actions of police officers to the radio. Grzegorz Armatowski in “Radio Gdansk Criminal Magazine” will come back to matters not only discussed in Pomerania recently.

Where is the “Alley of Kisses in Gdańsk”? What is this place and why you should visit it if you are dating. It is one of the most photographed places during wedding sessions, but at the same time, many people have no idea of ​​its existence. You can feel the baroque atmosphere of Gdańsk here. And this is the place Alicja Samolewicz-Jeglicka will visit in the broadcast “For Two, or Where to Go on a Date”† We invite you to come and listen to 17:35

He is artist-in-residence of French radio, titular organist of Lille Cathedral, professor at the San Sebastian Higher School of Music, winner of first prizes in the most prestigious organ competitions. He is an excellent improviser, he also specializes in making music for silent films. Karol Mosakowskibecause we are talking about him, he is the guest of Konrad Mielnik in the program “Champions Afternoon Tea”† We invite you to listen to the conversation 18:00


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