First aid kit for the holidays – complete it from nature. What is worth having with you on your vacation?

Time for rest, break from studying and crazy vacations are just around the corner. Traveling and spending time in different ways through lakes, the sea and in the mountains unfortunately increases the risk of several ailments. During the holidays we try to spend as much time as possible outside and enjoy the weather. This, in turn, is associated with the risk of various infections, stomach problems and sunburn. Forewarned is always assured – this motto also comes in handy when putting together a holiday first aid kit, a must-have during every summer holiday.

For us there is only one answer – let’s reach for what is natural. Let’s choose fast-acting, simple and safe methods to avoid an unequal battle with ailments during holidays.

1. Sunburn – the most popular holiday sickness

The hot summer months equate to trips to the coast, lakes and sunny places. Sometimes even the best sunscreen won’t help if we’re exposed to the sun all day. We can then expect red skin, bursting with heat. In more severe cases, blistering of the skin, fever and headache develop. In case of sunburn, remember the main rule: cool down the body slowly and gradually! We can take a bath in lukewarm water, slightly cooler than our body temperature.

It is a great remedy for burns aloe, even the one that grows in a pot on our windowsill. We can buy it in pharmacies and drugstores aloe gelsthat perfectly hydrate the skin. Our grandmothers will definitely recommend wraps from kefir or curdled milk – these are foolproof ways. Pharmacists will recommend wetsuits with panthenol

It will be a relief from painful, burning irritations Apis mellifica† When the symptoms worsen, and in addition they are accompanied by fever and headache – let’s reach for: Belladonna† When blisters on the skin, definitely add to the treatment Cantharis vesicatoria† Such a set will quickly improve the condition of our skin and body after too intense exposure to the sun.

2. Not just in children i.e. motion sickness

Our grandmothers will surely confirm that the best remedy for motion sickness is ginger. This aromatic root has irreplaceable antiemetic properties. It soothes the shaky digestive system, prevents vomiting and nausea. Each of us will prepare ginger infusion ourselves. It is enough to peel a piece (literally a couple of centimeters of fresh carrot) and pour boiling water. After about 10 minutes, covered, the brew is ready. We can also take it with us on a trip and drink it on the go. Ginger is also recommended for morning sickness and stomach problems in children.
The same effect is also shown by homeopathic remedies. We get the best effect if we take them the day before the trip, and also in the morning before departure. If we feel the need, we can also take the medicine while we are already in the vehicle.

In case of nausea and associated headache and dizziness, which increase during dynamic driving (sudden acceleration), or after eating in the car, it is worth reaching for Cocculus indicus
Tabacum helps with weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness and cold sweats during the journey. Let’s not forget about constant access to fresh air.

An interesting fact is that homeopathic medicines can also be a solution for animals that do not like to travel. If your dog is not a fan of ginger water, try homeopathy.

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3. Holiday Accidents = Bruises, Injuries and Possible Bruises

Accidental falls and a range of injuries affect everyone, regardless of age. During the holidays we try new activities and try to spend our time intensively. This is conducive to various bruises, which should be prepared before leaving. The basic equipment of any first aid kit should include: dressingsie standard sterile wound dressings, an elastic bandage or sprain dressing (or bands, then preferably in two sizes), and a disinfectant liquid. Let’s choose a foam or spray mold – this is the most convenient.

It is worth having Arnica montana with you as it significantly reduces the pain and swelling associated with injuries and inhibits the formation of bruises and hematomas.

If we are dealing with joint and tendon problems, or in case of a dislocation or sprain – let’s choose Ruta graveolens

Let’s reach for cuts and wounds Calendula officinalisaccelerating wound healing and regeneration of damaged tissue will also help protect the skin from scarring.

4. Ways to deal with the stomach that is playing tricks on us

Who among us has not been tempted by local food while traveling and has not tried new flavors? Often such news is not well received by our stomachs. On vacation, we “allow ourselves” to do much more – different combinations, hard-to-digest delicacies, sometimes alcohol comes along. All of these can cause indigestion or food poisoning. For unpleasant, irritating diarrhea, vomiting and weakness, use a homeopathic remedy Arsenic album

Getting to know new flavors is also conducive to… gluttony. It will help us deal with it Nux vomica – useful for flatulence and indigestion caused by heavy foods, strong spices and alcohol.

Nature offers many solutions for stomach problems – let’s drink tea with Peppermint, let’s brew fennel seed or St. John’s worta. All these herbs, and the more popular ones, calendula and chamomilewe will buy in any spice shop.

Let’s never forget probiotics, they will help us regenerate the gut faster and take care of their bacterial flora. Such natural support will surely shorten the duration of diarrhea and aid the regeneration of the weakened digestive system.

5. Watch out for bugs, or what to bite

Insects come to life in the summer and go hunting. Let’s not be afraid, as long as we are not allergic, the bites will not be dangerous for us. We can treat itchy spots with natural ingredients. Let’s reach for aloe vera, lemon and coconut oilto relieve pain and itching and to disinfect any bacteria that may have accumulated around the bite. tea tree oil, well known in cosmetology, will prove to be helpful in reducing inflammation. For all things insect related, intensely scented substances such as: menthol, lavender oil, camphor or even apple cider vinegar – we will definitely find some of the liquids in the kitchen cupboard.

A cure for bites can also be found under homeopathic medicines – let’s grab the bite Apis mellifica† It will surely soothe a burning sensation, itching and swelling after contact with the insect. Insect venom can cause an allergic reaction. Then we should have it in the first aid kit poumon histamine

6. A sore throat, a typical holiday nightmare

Intensive holidays and a lot of exercise are conducive to throat diseases. Unfortunately, it is sensitive to temperature changes caused by air-conditioned rooms. On holidays, we do not avoid iced coffee and ice cream, which can cause throat problems in combination with hot weather. Nature knows best what can help us. Let’s use infusions from raspberry fruit, linden blossom, chamomile or elderberrywhich blooms in early summer. Rinsing helps with throat diseases, let’s choose extracts of sage, thyme, chamomile, oak bark or calendulaa. Our airways will no longer hurt and clear.

It will be easiest for us to grab a lozenge. Sore throat soothes thyme, Icelandic lichen, coltsfoot, licorice, marshmallow or plantain known directly from nature.

It’s worth being with you Phytolacca decandrathat will fight a sore throat and reduce redness.

7. Unwanted guest – herpes

One of the most unwanted holiday ailments is herpes. Although it “likes” to appear in winter, it is also activated by sunlight. It is best to respond to changes in your lips as soon as possible. As soon as we feel that the skin on the lips tightens and there is a characteristic itching – these are signs of herpes. When we notice the first changes on the lips, let’s reach for lemon balm oil or ointment with its addition. Sage oil will have a similar effect. They are anti-inflammatory and soothing mint and chamomile oil

When herpes appears, it is worth applying Rhus toxicodendron, which will be antiviral† To relieve the burning sensation and pain of the lesion on the lips, let’s go to: Cantharis vesicatoria.

The material was created in collaboration with the Polish Association of Clinical Homeopathy

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