Celebrity brown looks are an unexpected summer choice, but Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber claim there’s no better option

Summer bronze was not the color of choice, but it looks like this is about to change. Now it is one of the most popular hits. The brown stylizations of stars have been inspiring for several months now and the trend is only gaining traction.

Some changes to our wardrobes go very smoothly and naturally with the seasons of the year. This applies not only to changing clothes with warmer or lighter ones, but even the color scheme. In summer, black often gives way to white and finally colors come to the fore. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for pale pastels or intense or even neon tones. We’re not thinking of typical fall/winter dark color versions, though. Plum, burgundy and bottle green are just not very likely in spring and summer.

One of the trendy colorswhich gained popularity thanks to the stars. Summer bronze seemed a bit abstract, but when we saw a few styles, we found we wanted to wear it too, because it looks great on pale and tanned skin. Bronze stylizations of stars That is why it is worth not only to get to know each other well, but also to gain inspiration. They will only come out beautiful summer outfits

The stars have a remarkable power to influence not only their fans and female fans. Often it is they who owe the emergence of new trends. For this reason, many of them take the hope of this power to heart and try to surprise us every season. Last year, the start of the spring and summer season was a strong injection of bright colors that they presented Cardi BDua Lipa and Selena Gomez† The colorful stylizations of the stars weren’t much of a surprise then, so they decided to take a rather unexpected step this year. For the summer they suggested one of the most autumn-winter colors. I am of course talking about bronze. Thanks to a completely new version, we don’t understand at all why it didn’t previously have the status of one of the best summer variants. After all, it is neutral like black or navy blue and even if it lacks the freshness of white and cream, it should not be excluded from styling in any season.

The trend for brown styles stars have already started this spring. One of the best proofs is: two-tone sets Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber† Fashionistas opted for similar colours, but had completely different styling ideas of their own, further emphasizing the dominance of brown. However, in our gallery you will not only find the photo on which it was taken dressed in brown models. Inspiration on the topic brown clothes and summer accessories have delivered in recent months too Rosie Huntington WhiteleyBella HadidDua LipaKim Kardashian and Elsa Hosky† Thanks to them you will not only find ideas for brown total looki, but also individual garments in this color that can be integrated into your summer styles. They will look great with pink, blue, green, yellow and orange, among others.

brown color gives us great opportunities. Naturally cappuccinodarker macchiato or dark espresso – coffee is a great way to compare shades. A sweet snack can also be a starting point. caramelmilk or dark chocolate or perhaps even closer to summer weather, ice cream in any of the flavors to match this color scheme can also become a point of reference. This allows a new garment or accessory to double favorite† Happy the color preferences of the stars the fashion designers noticed right away. In reality the summer collections are full of brown clothes and accessories† It is up to you whether you limit yourself to a handbag in this color, or whether you choose a dress, shirt or jacket. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain. In terms of color, this garment will also fit perfectly in the following seasons of the year. Nor can we imagine that the bronze would not come back to us next year. Now it should become one of the most obvious choices for the warmer seasons. However, will he be able to maintain his popularity without the support of the stars? We’ll know in a year.

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