Before disappearing from the screens, she loved her breasts and was the star of erotic magazines

In search of a great career, she fled to Germany, where she became known as the owner of the most beautiful breasts in the times of the Polish People’s Republic. Danuta Lato – a girl from a village in the Podkarpacie region unexpectedly gained fame that many could only dream of at the time – she was offered the role of a lesbian with Katarzyna Figura and made a musical career by recording a collaboration with Samantha Fox herself! And then, at the height of her career, she suddenly disappeared. What is happening to the star of adult magazines today? This is the story of Danuta Lato.

Danuta Lato. From a girl with complexes to an erotic model

Danuta Lato, or rather Danuta Irzyk, was born on November 25, 1963. She spent her childhood and early childhood in a Subcarpathian village, until the age of 19 she was a petite blonde with small breasts. And this look suited her very well, until the bust started to grow… and grow† While beautiful breasts helped her develop her career in the future, as a teenager it was the subject of her greatest complex. †My breasts suddenly grew when I was 19. It was an explosion! Sometimes I thought it was a punishment because my mother bought me a bra that was too big for me. Out of anger I cut it in half with scissors because I didn’t like it much and I was sure it would never suit me‘ she said in an interview for Onet.

A little girl with impeccable breasts became the object of ridicule and jokes among her peers. The malicious comments caused the young Danuta to develop complexes. She believed that because of her appearance, she would never find a man who would want to spend his life with a “freak” like her. And although she only found love for a moment (she divorced her first husband… only after a week of marriage), her large breasts were the key to the huge publicity she would soon receive.

In 1984, Danuta Lato became convinced that the bust is actually her greatest asset. She was only 21 when she left her family Szufnarowa. She left in search of work, tempted by the promise of great fame. A career in Germany was promised by … a German businessman who noticed the girl in the garden when he passed by. Danuta Lato delighted the man with her prominent breasts – he stated that the fashion model’s work was written for her. She, on the other hand, did not hesitate long. Especially since the mysterious stranger had connections in men’s magazine publishers that specialized in discovering new stars like her…

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Danuta Lato’s career. She delighted the Japanese, rejected the role of a lesbian

Danuta Lato took a risk and accepted the offer of a mysterious businessman. Without much thought, she left with the guy, and in October the magazine “Penthouse” appeared on newsstands in West Germany, where she made her debut as an erotic model. The first comics photo shoot was one of about two hundred she did over the course of her career. She has appeared many times in Playboyand topless photos became her specialty. The Polish woman has become a real star in Germany. Dedicated fan clubs were established and the number of fans only increased – especially after the information, that the famous bust of Danuta Lato was insured for a million marksthough it later turned out to be just a well-thought-out marketing gimmick.

As her career took off, news of her work reached Poland. The celebrity’s parents were accused of raising their daughter to be a prostitute. To this day, in Szufnarowa, she is remembered as the biggest scandal and is accused of divorce just a week after the wedding. †It wasn’t a love affair but reason, I was only 20 years old‘ she explained years later. At the time, however, she did not care about unfavorable comments. She had her hands full with work, promising job opportunities ahead…

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Danuta Lato made her film debut as a stripper in the movie “Trzy i pół porcji”. After a successful performance, the Pole appeared several times on the plans of numerous productions, attracting her loyal fans to the recipients. Initially she appeared mainly in German erotic productions, then subsequent episodes appeared – including in the series “Heritage of the Guldenburgs”, broadcast by TVP in 1991. We could also watch the owner of the most beautiful bust of the People’s Republic of Poland in three episodes of the first Polish soap opera “In the maze”.

Though she became famous for her brave, stripped-down sessions, Danuta Lato was hard on the line. And it was intimate close-ups with another woman. For this reason, she rejected the joint performance with Katarzyna Figura, with whom she would play the role of a lesbian couple. “That didn’t interest me. I’ve never had sex with a woman, I’ve never had such offers. I’m quite traditional in this regard,” she explained in an interview quoted by the Pleiades.

In the late 1980s, Danuta Lato made a career in the music industry. With the help of producer Luis Rodriguez, she recorded the song “Touch My Heart”.and it became a huge hit, not only in Germany and Poland, but also in Spain, the Benelux and even in Japan! Another success was the album “Hot Girls – Danuta – Samanta – Sabrina”, recorded with Samantha Fox and Sabrina Solerno. Women’s fans for a long time argued which of them owned the most beautiful breasts in Europe, and their cooperation was a hit. However, it was speculated that the parts of Danuta Lato were sung by Patty Ryan, who also collaborated with Rodriguez – the Pole would only be the face of the album.

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Danuta Lato disappeared from show business. What is he doing today?

She was at the height of her fame when she suddenly decided to end her career. Danuta Lato quit her job in the world of modeling and stripped-down sessions to focus on her private life. She decided not to tie the future to Poland. It was from her compatriots that she heard the most unjust accusations against her. †I love my homeland and I would like my countrymen to be proud of me. And the country made me the worst prostituteę”, she once complained in an interview with Super Express.

Little is known about Danuta Lato’s private life. She decided to stay in Germany, where she married for the second time, she was comforted with her chosen one, although some sources indicate that Danuta Lato is a mother of two children. The marriage ended in another divorce.

Finally, the sex bomb of the 80s moved to the Bavarian town of Bamberg and completely changed the profession. She currently works as a physiotherapist – she is a specialist in treating various diseases with natural stimuli. He has no plans to return to show business, although he fondly remembers that time. †Today, when some of my patients accidentally learn about my artistic past, I am very happy”, the Pleiades quotes her. Currently, Danuta Lato is 58 years old, but her impressive professional achievements and extraordinary history are still remembered by her loyal fans.


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Danuta Lato, October 1, 1989

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