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Therefore, before leaving, it is not only worth taking care of the right one technical inspection of our vehicle, but also for a suitable insurance that rescues us from an unfortunate situation. Only in this way can we go on holiday with peace of mind. Auto Assistance at LINK4 has an ideal offer for us.

Safe on the road

Own car is still the most popular way of traveling during the holidays in Poland. And it’s not just about convenience. Sometimes it is the only way to get to the desired places where public transport simply does not reach. Many such places can be found in Poland, for example, in the Bieszczady Mountains.

Whether we like it or not, we are dependent on our car. This is especially important when we are far from home. Meanwhile, car trouble can ruin your best holiday memories. And these are not the adventures we want.

More than one of us has probably been in a situation where the car won’t start, has a flat tire, or isn’t quite where we parked it. Than what? FROM Auto Assistance insurance in LINK4 we can be sure that we will not be left without adequate support. Additional insurance helps us to overcome difficulties and in many cases can even save our vacation.

Higher drag limits

Car Assistance Insurance offers us technical assistance in the event of a breakdown of the vehicle due to breakdown, accident, damage or vandalism. LINK4 offers – under this policy – even more support. It was introduced from March this year – in Auto Assistance and Auto Assistance Plus Packages higher towing limits of up to 500 km!

Automatic assistance with LINK4

Roadside assistance takes our car to the place indicated by us. With this limit, we can bring a damaged car from Zakopane to Lublin for example. If we go abroad or to the other side of Poland, it is worth considering the comprehensive package Car Assistance Comfort. Then we win even more: towing within the country is unlimited, and abroad – up to 750 km, which is, for example, enough to bring our vehicle to the country from Northern Croatia, Hungary or Austria.

What else do we get out of Auto Assistance at LINK4?

* Auto Assistance is the basic option of this insurance, which also includes:

  • repair of faults at the incident site;
  • replace wheel;
  • starting with an empty battery;
  • fuel delivery;
  • help if the fuel freezes or if you refuel incorrectly;
  • demolition;
  • opening in case of loss or damage of keys;
  • cover the cost of parking for up to 2 days;

and one of the following services to choose from:

  • replacement car for up to 4 days in the event of an accident or theft;
  • accommodation in a ** / *** hotel, if we are located more than 20 km from the place of residence;
  • transport of the driver and passengers to the destination or place of residence, if the distance is more than 20 km.

However, in the extended package Car Assistance Plus we can get a replacement car up to 3 days in case of breakdown, and in case of accident or theft – up to 5 days.

A calculator is available at that intuitively guides the user through the different insurance options and calculates the total cost of the policy in 60 seconds. We can also speak directly to consultants on 22 4444444 or meet the agent in person.

The selected variant of the Auto Assistance insurance is only available at LINK4 in a package with third-party insurance or third-party insurance.

More information, including all limits and restrictions, can be found in the GTC at

The material was created in collaboration with the PZU Group.

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