Traveling with a pet, what to pack and how to prepare a car for the transport of a dog or a cat?

Having a dog or cat is a great joy, but also a responsibility. While taking care of your pet in and around the house is one thing, transporting it when needed is another. What does a trip with a pet look like? What to pack and how to prepare a car for the transport of a dog or cat – we will answer in our material. We invite

In the beginning, it is important to remember about the current regulations regarding the transport of animals in a car. Transporting pets without proper protection can be dangerous for both the driver and the animals themselves. In addition, during a roadside check, a police officer can refer to several regulations under which he can impose a fine on us.

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Although the Minor Crimes Code does not explicitly mention the improper transport of animals, a police officer can, for example, apply Article 97 of the Minor Crimes Code here: “Anyone who violates other provisions regarding safety or traffic order on public roads is subject to a fine of 3,000 PLN or a fine reprimand.”

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He can refer to the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, namely:

  • Article 60, paragraph. 1: It is prohibited to: use the vehicle in a way that threatens the safety of any person inside or outside the vehicle;
  • Art 61. – Transporting the cargo:
    par. 2: The load on the vehicle is placed in such a way that: the permissible axle loads of the vehicle on the road are not exceeded; it has not disturbed the stability of the vehicle; it didn’t interfere with driving; does not impair the visibility of the road and does not obscure the lights, signaling devices, number plates or other plates or signs with which the vehicle is fitted.
    par. 3: The load placed on the vehicle must be secured against shifting or causing excessive noise. It should not have a disgusting appearance or give off a foul odor.
    par. 4: The load securing devices must be secured against loosening, hanging freely or falling off while driving.

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In addition, for endangering the animal, we are also responsible for the provisions of the Animal Protection Act. It is exactly about:

  • art. 35 – Criminal liability for killing, killing or slaughtering an animal in violation of the provisions of the law or for abusing an animal.

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With the regulations behind us, it’s time for the basics worth equipping yourself with when traveling with our pet – both a dog and a cat.

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  • Food, ie dry or wet food, or treats that our pet loves;
  • Drinking water and, by the way, special drinking troughs or bowls into which we can pour water;
  • Favorite toys to help you take the stress out of a long trip away from home. Two or even three toys can be carried to keep a dog or cat’s attention;
  • Elements of a portable toilet, ie a litter box, if we are traveling with a cat, or dog poo bags – if we are with a dog – so that our pets don’t get messy on the road;
  • Leashes are an important element to remember – even when our animals walk with their feet at home, they do not run away, in a new environment, and because of the stress caused by the route, they can escape from us. It is worth protecting yourself from such a circumstance;
  • Bed / bed – which will come in handy at the destination;
  • All medicines or other substances and preparations that our animals take, which may be useful during the journey.

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Now let’s talk about the transport of the animal itself. What is useful when traveling with a pet?

In the case of dogs, their transportation depends on the size of the animal. Small and medium dogs must be transported in the back seat of the car. However, it should be remembered that the animals do not feel discomfort and do not hold back too much. However, they must be properly secured. For example, carrying them on your lap is a very bad idea and a threat. We wrote about regulatory liability. The second issue is also the issue of a possible accident – an unsecured dog has a much lower chance of survival than a dog that we have arranged for proper transport.

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Special seat belts attached to the collar can be used for transport. They are not embarrassing for the pet, but they limit its mobility and mobility. When choosing leashes, pay attention to the fabric so that it is both durable and soft so that it does not cut into the dog’s body.

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You can also use special transport carts in which you can place your dog. However, keep in mind that when choosing a carrier, keep in mind that the dog needs to have some space in it. In addition, the carrier must be placed in such a place that it is safe and cannot be crushed, for example.

In addition to transporters, there are also special transport bags or car seats in the shape of a hollow on the market – which can also be fastened with straps.

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The bigger problem is the transportation of larger breed dogs. Special transport cages are recommended. It is important that such a cage is located in the trunk, but in an SUV, station wagon or hatchback – that is, cars in which the trunk is connected to the car without obstacles. It mainly concerns an adequate air supply. When choosing a cage, you should also take into account safety considerations, as well as ease of installation, protective elements, sun visors – these are useful if the car is not equipped with tinted windows. It is also important to have an emergency exit in case of an emergency.

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It will be easier for these animals – both because of the size and the classic behavior of cats. A suitable transporter comes into its own here. The fit and protective properties must be appropriate.

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If it is not a carrier, then, as with small dog breeds, a harness and seat belt can also be used here.

In the case of both cats and dogs, it is worth equipping the car with special mats that protect the seats and carpets of our cars from possible dirt. It is also worth checking the condition of animals during transport, not forgetting to give them access to water. And on the longer route – also take breaks and go hiking if possible.

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Finally, the most important thing – let’s do everything carefully and with common sense – so that our pets are happy and healthy.


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