Magenta Dom – a new fully convergent offering from T-Mobile with access to television

Some time ago, T-Mobile was the first and until now only operator to decide to grant unlimited access to the mobile network on a smartphone. Even before, optical fibers appeared in this operator’s offer, so the only thing that was missing from the full set of the convergent offer was access to television. Today it has been added to the new attractively priced Magenta Dom range.

A lot has changed in our daily lives in the past two years. The seclusion of the house is now often a place of work, study and communal rest at the same time. That is why we are increasingly looking for a single, consistent and converging offer from one operator, which gives us the possibility to use an unlimited mobile offer and unlimited access to fiber internet and entertainment.

In response to this demand from customers, T-Mobile has just launched its new convergent offering, Magenta Dom.

Andreas Maierhofer, chairman of T-Mobile Polska:

At T-Mobile, in line with our strategy, we are gradually changing to offer our customers unlimited experiences. This is possible thanks to unlimited solutions, but also by combining individual services, so that T-Mobile users can get everything they need from one provider and in the highest quality available. That is why we have been striving consistently for years to become a company that offers fully converging services. The introduction of the Magenta Dom offering is a sign that we have successfully completed this process and that today we have a full range of combined services, including television.

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