Homes for sale in the Tri-City of the secondary market will be cheaper. Property price barometer.

An aftermarket home can be relatively new, eliminating expensive renovations on the building you bought.

Despite the turmoil in the real estate market, regularly rising interest rates, declining creditworthiness and rising material prices, the prices of single-family homes remain stable. Based on the analysis of homes for sale in the Tri-City posted on our listing website, we checked the current prices of such properties in individual districts.

– The fall in the number of credit applications submitted was reflected in a smaller number of customers looking for, among other things, single-family homes. Many of them have temporarily stopped buying and watching the market, but most have simply given up, he says Piotr Stasiowski by Obrotni Nieruchomości.
No wonder that recently There are more and more offers for the sale of single-family homes† However, most of them are developer offerings, mainly townhouses or terraced houses.

Traditionally, there have been fewer ads for the sale of homes in central neighborhoods than in satellite or suburban neighborhoods. In general, however, there are more and more properties for sale on the secondary market, not only that due to increasing loan repayments, but also due to the high cost of living.

– This translates into greater bargaining opportunities that have been noticeable over the past two months, ie simply lowering prices – adds Piotr Stasiowski.

Real Estate Agents in the Tri-City

However, it is still far from finding a permanent downward trend† Our interlocutors emphasize that price stabilization is a much more appropriate term for the time being.

– Despite the problems in the financial market, Poles still have investment capital at their disposal. The prices of houses in the city have long exceeded a million zlotys and they are mostly houses in need of renovation. Houses located within the administrative boundaries of the city fluctuate around 2 million PLN, and they even exceed this amount – he emphasizes Karol Korzenieckicreal estate sales expert at Real Estate Partners.

Houses for sale in Sopot

Prices of single-family homes in Sopot are starting from PLN 8,759 per square meter and is PLN 29,553 per square meter. The price range, both per square meter and for the entire surface area, is very large.

The cheapest house in our advertising service in this city costs PLN 1.65 million, and the most expensive – PLN 14 million.

Osowa and Oliwa

in Osowa starting single-family house prices from the secondary market from PLN 3 073 and reach PLN 15 thousand. PLN per square meter in OliwaPrices are higher due to the proximity to the city’s main arteries. There you have to pay for a single-family home from PLN 7,833 to PLN 18,248 per square meter

– In the Tri-City terraced or semi-detached houses predominate. The most expensive houses are in the so-called coastal strip, ie in Przymorze, Brzeźno, Żabianka, Jelitkowo and Oliwa – says Katarzyna Ciosińskareal estate sales expert at Real Estate Partners.

ostowice, w. Wojciech, Orunia

House prices in these neighborhoods are starting to rise from PLN 3,526 per square meter in Orunia and they are PLN 14,500. PLN per square meter in the same area of ​​town.

There is a slightly smaller price range in ostowice† Prices of single-family homes fluctuate there from 5.5 thousand PLN to 14 thousand. per square meter

The smallest number of homes on our advertising site is in the district St. Wojciech† You have to pay for a house in this location from 3.5 thousand PLN to 9.1 thousand. PLN per square meter

Hug, Jasień, Morena

Prices of single-family homes from the secondary market in this location start from PLN 2,760 per square meter in Jasień and up to PLN 13,750 in Morena

However, this does not mean that all houses in Jasień have a low price per square meter, for the most expensive houses you have to pay even more than PLN 12,000. PLN per m² Relatively the lowest price differentiation can be found at this location A hugwhere prices fluctuate for this type of property from almost 6.5 thousand PLN to 12.5 thousand. PLN per square meter

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– Somewhat cheaper houses can be found in areas like: Wrzeszcz and Morena, while the cheapest houses can be found on the outskirts of town – in Kowale, Łostowice and Jasień – adds Katarzyna Ciosińska.

Redlowo, St. Maximilian, Kamienna Gora

Redłowo, St. Maksymiliana and Kamienna Góra are definitely the most expensive neighborhoods in Gdynia, not just when it comes to houses.

This location is the cheapest place to buy a house in Redłowo, because prices start from just over 4.5 thousand. PLN per square meter The most expensive property in this location can be found in Kamienna Góra. Buying a house there can cost up to PLN 25,356 per square meter.

Chwarzno, Wiczlino, Debrowa

Most single-family homes are built in these three districts. In these locations of Gdynia we can find the cheapest single-family house on the secondary market in Dąbrowa, where you have to pay a minimum of PLN 3,770 per square meter. The most expensive is in turn in Wiczlinwhere to pay even PLN 14,251 per square meter

Oksywie, Obłuże

In this part of Gdynia the prices of single-family houses start from 2 468 PLN per square meter in Oksywie and reach 9 thousand PLN. zloty also in the same area.

In the Obłuże the price range is slightly smaller. The prices of this type of home fluctuate from PLN 3 781 to PLN 8 176 per square m

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