The best hairstyles for girls for summer. Check out how to comb your baby’s hair to keep him happy and looking good in hot weather

Hairstyles for girls are very diverse. When we learn a few simple hair braiding mechanisms, we can achieve an impressive result. See which hairstyles for girls are suitable for the summer and how they look in practice.


  • Hairstyles for girls are quite a challenge
  • What hairstyles for girls work for the holidays?

A visit to the children’s hairdresser is a considerable expense, which is why many parents decide to cut their children’s hair themselves. While the matter is relatively simple in the case of boys, who often agree to short haircuts, the situation becomes more complicated in the case of daughters. Girls’ hairstyles are often troublesome for parents. Many young people dream of long hair, and the thought of a short haircut makes some children cry. Unfortunately, short haircuts are easier to care for than long hair.

Arm strands often stick together and stick to the skin. This is especially true on hot days and during physical exertion. If your baby is constantly on the move, he may even get tangled up in his head. It doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, and what’s worse, it causes problems for parents with combing. Therefore, it is worth carefully considering haircuts for girls and choosing a haircut that will not be too embarrassing for an adult.

Check out the best hairstyles for girls for summer!

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Girls hairstyles become a particular challenge on vacations when it’s hot outside and hairstyles break down quickly. Many parents are tempted to cut their daughter’s hair for the summer and have “peace of mind”. Unfortunately, such ideas are rarely approved by children. Young people can fight for themselves, not get a haircut, hide from their parents and even run from the hairdresser. There is a need to make compromises to avoid making your baby unhappy. If the daughter insists on long hair, we can meet her expectations, but provided the hair is well combed.

There is no shortage of hairstyles for girls, and many of them are a great solution for a hot day. You can put your hair in a bun on your head, braid it into a braid, make a ponytail or ponytail. In addition to classic hairstyles that we can remember from our childhood, there are many interesting medium length hairstyles that will work well even for a few years old.

Girls hairstyles can be changed without cutting their hair. Especially compositions with braids offer many possibilities. We especially recommend hairstyles with matching braids – French or Dutch. In the case of a French braid, the side-selected section of hair is transferred from the top (over the middle strand of hair). This is in contrast to the case of the Dutch braid, where the strands selected on the sides are translated from the bottom (bottom). This makes the tissue itself more visible.

How do you make a Dutch braid?

  1. Brush your hair with a brush or comb and brush it back so that it falls loosely on your back.
  2. Divide the hair above your forehead into three strands of the same width.
  3. Pass one of the side strands under the middle strand and do the same with the other.

How do you make a French braid?

  1. Brush your hair with a brush or comb and brush it back so that it falls loosely on your back.
  2. Divide the hair above your forehead into three strands of the same width.
  3. Pass one of the side strands over the middle one and do the same with the other.

When considering different hairstyles for girls, it makes sense to take into account the thickness of the hair. Children often have thinner hair than adults and therefore not all hairstyles suit them. Fortunately, little ones are generally more tolerant than adults and can agree with many as long as they keep their hair length the way they want. We looked at which hairstyles for girls will work even if the daughter has fine hair. We present you different variants of hairstyles with braids, buns and ponytails.

The best hairstyle suggestions for girls are in our photo gallery!

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We have opted for solutions that last for many hours, even in the wind. Hairstyles for girls with braids, ponytails and buns are a great proposal for the summer. The hair can be pinned in the middle of the head or on a card, combed up or back and braided patterns. Exposing the neck, the locks will not overheat the baby and we will have less trouble combing them in the evening.

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