Summer – renovation time. Find the right inspiration for you!

See trendy glass panels, decorative mirrors and nature paintings. We advise you on how to create a successful decor and refresh the interior of the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Choose proven solutions recommended by designers.

It’s time to freshen up the apartment!

Summer is the perfect time to renovate an apartment. The sun gives everyone energy and the colorful landscapes provide inspiration for changes in the set-up. Many jobs are also performed more efficiently due to the high temperature. Painted walls dry faster and the light coming in through the windows means you can work into the late hours. However, it all starts with a design and an idea for the decor. Consider:

  • the size of the renovation work you want to carry out,
  • arrangement styles you like,
  • budget available.

An interesting proposition is the use of wall decorations that change the look of the entire room. What is it worth to buy? Which rooms are suitable for modern paintings, mirrors and decorative panels?

The more green, the better!

Designers recommend decorations with nature motifs. Thanks to them, you can influence the atmosphere in the interior. The green has a calming effect and relieves stress. It is especially appreciated by people who treat their home as a place to relax and gain energy to act. The harmonious effect allows you to create a triptych of mountain landscapes. It represents a forest, water and climbing rocks. The image is printed on canvas and is distinguished by a high brightness of colors. When buying it is worth paying attention to the quality of paints and the color of the product. Nature reproduced in a realistic way stimulates the human senses the most, leaving the illusion of real communication with mountain trails.

Plaster, glass and PVC panels – something for do-it-yourselfers

Do you like creative solutions? You will definitely love decorative panels. It is a unique ornament that can be easily adapted to your needs. For example, you can opt for tempered glass models designed with the kitchen layout in mind. They can withstand contact with moisture and are easy to keep clean. The original option is the ocean-themed artwork, an eye-catching aquarium illusion. It harmonizes with modern equipment and effectively enlivens the look of the room. PVC panels decorated with fruit and vegetable patterns also look great between the kitchen cabinets. They are an incentive to strive for healthy food.

3D plaster panels will work well in the bedroom. After sticking them to the wall, you can paint them any color you want. It is a great choice for creative people who dream of original interiors and are looking for ways to express themselves. Behind the bed it is worth installing tiles with a quilted leather motif. You can fix them in the form of a headboard or cover the entire wall with them. They are often painted bottle green, blue, red and gray. The product is sold together with an installation manual. A few tiles are enough to completely change the look of a room and give it new energy.

Mirror arrangements of home space

Do you want to visually increase the space? Use decorative mirrors. They reflect the light and make the room appear larger and brighter. At the same time, they are an interesting element of modern arrangements. Mirror ornaments come in different shapes such as hearts, stars, stripes and circles. The most fashionable are hexagonal elements, which can be glued according to the attached template or your own idea. For example, they are often placed in corridors where no daylight enters.

If you are looking for original decorations, butterfly-shaped mirrors will certainly appeal to you. Sparkling insects are a great choice for a nursery. They will make the room magical and cozier. The decoration is made of acrylic glass that does not break, is light and safe for children.

Time for changes at home!

Which of the ornaments described above do you like the most? Put together an arrangement that perfectly matches your wishes! Be inspired by paintings with nature motifs, glass and plaster panels and decorative mirrors. You will find a large selection of such products in Stickers.

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