Summer in Wawel. Visit royal residences, workshops and tours for PLN 5 – News

The coming months in Wawel promise to be exciting. The program includes not only new exhibitions, but also additional sightseeing routes, photo workshops and guided tours for PLN 5.

– The new face of the Crown Treasury, the modified royal chambers and the shows of masterpieces by Uccell and Rembrandt, as well as concerts and a new festival for a young audience are the reasons why we invite you to frequent visits this year during the holidays of this year. I hope that the abundance and variety of attractions will be an opportunity for the citizens of Krakow and tourists to discover the castle in a completely new way – says Andrzej Betlej, director of the Wawel Castle.

New tourist routes

Among the attractions prepared for Kraken and tourists, in addition to the Opening Festival, are two completely new sightseeing routes.

– The first concerns the Wawel as a private royal residence. This tour reveals a bit of a mystery, largely in this symbolic aspect of course, showing what everyday life was like in the castle in different eras. However, the second will be the opposite. The “Crown Wawel” route will show the most important artifacts that refer to the glory and symbol of the power of our rulers – explains Aleksandra Schoen-Żmijowa, head of the Tourist Service Department.

The “Wawel – The Most Valuable” route also returns, allowing you to see the most important buildings and rooms on Wawel Hill in 2 hours. “Wawel dragons” in turn is an offer for families with children in scarves or baby carriers.

– We are also waiting for the next parts of the route “Wawel after closing time”. Each time we invite visitors to a completely different, secret place and show unique nooks and crannies – adds Aleksandra Schoen-Żmijowa.

Come to Wawel

During the months of July and August, visitors can take advantage of thematic guided tours. Everything in the context of the “Come to Wawel” campaign.

– These are daily meetings led by our Wawel teachers. They are young people full of passion and knowledge. They usually give museum lessons, while during the summer holidays they meet individuals and show them around permanent or temporary exhibitions, informs Filip Skowron, head of the Education Department.

The gatherings will include stories about knights and Wawel tournaments, life at the royal court or beasts and creatures. The meetings will be held in both Polish and Ukrainian. The cost is PLN 5.

Wawel in the lens

“Tenderness. Sharpness. Light” is an unusual photography course held at the Royal Castle on July 18-22 and August 8-12. At different times of the day, the participants look for interesting photos on the hill and in places that normally not open to visitors.The course is led by Przemek Czaja, a well-known photographer and lover of Krakow’s history.

– Przemek Czaja is a master at finding such a perspective on Krakow, making the places we know of look dazzling and incredibly fresh. During the workshop, he not only shares his knowledge with the participants, but also special places – emphasizes Filip Skowron, head of the Education Department.

Make yourself a … Space

Another summer offer is the Spacja project, which includes art and flower arranging workshops, outdoor relaxation exercises and encounters with inspiring figures from the world of art and culture.

– The project is aimed at people with disabilities and those who, after a difficult time of the pandemic, feel the need to calm down and discover Wawel not in such an intense way, but more individual, contemplative – explains Bogumiła Wiśniewska , head of the Art Interpretation Department.

A series of mindfulness workshops will take place in July. Every Tuesday (5.07, 12.07, 19.07, 26.07) at 9:00 am, the participants meet in the arcaded courtyard and then go to different parts of Wawel Hill. Admission to the meetings is free.

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