Railway on Solina: when to open and what price list? It can be a tourist hit in Poland

The highly anticipated attraction in Poland – the lookout railway over Solina – will open in July. 25 gondolas that allow tourists to ride over the Solina Dam are now ready for use. Anyone who wants to discover Solińskie Lake and the Bieszczady Mountains from a different perspective will soon be able to book tickets for an unforgettable funicular trip. The prices of attractions in the PKL center have just been published.

The tourist offer in Poland has been enriched with a new and unique attraction. If you are planning your vacation and looking for interesting places in the country, the Bieszczady Mountains are always a good idea. This place is worth seeing not only for its uniqueness, but also for a unique tourist attraction that allows you to get to know the Bieszczady from a whole new perspective – from the height of the PKL funicular, which was built over the dam. built in Solina.

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Railway over Solina. Already open in July

The Bieszczady Mountains, Solińskie Lake and the Dam have attracted many tourists for years because of their nature – the combination of nature and technology. It is in this unique location that Polish Ropeways has created an attractive tourist offer that allows you to see the mountain landscapes from the gondola lift and the watchtower.

– The construction of a new tourist center for the PKL Group and PFR took more than a year. We are currently in the final phase and in July visitors to Solina and Bieszczady will be able to take advantage of the new attractions. A ride on the scenic PKL railway is a unique way to admire the panorama of the Bieszczady Mountains. The view of the landscapes and nature, both from the trolley and the tower at the top of Mount Jawor, is simply extraordinary – says Daniel Pitrus, chairman of the board of directors of PKL.

After the test period, the cable car has passed all the necessary inspections, supplemented by testing and acceptance by the Transport Technical Supervision (TDT), which means that the center will welcome the first tourists in July.

25 gondolas have been installed on the more than 1.5 km long scenic route, which crosses the Solina dam. Each of the carriages can accommodate 8 people.

There will be no shortage of high-level impressions not only because of the distance from the car to the ground – there is the highest support of the funicular in Poland and one of the highest in Europe, 75 m – but also because of the amazing landscapes .

Plasza’s start station is on Solina promenade, while the cable car’s end station is on Jawor mountain. It is there that a watchtower and an observation deck were built, from which you can see the route traveled by the funicular, the monumental dam, Solińskie Lake, Zalew Myczkowiecki, as well as the surrounding towns belonging to the Solina Municipality.

At the upper gondola station, other attractions await tourists – in the tower, the View Cafe, a glass walkway, the so-called a skywalk where you can safely step outside the perimeter of the observation tower to take a spectacular picture of the landscape . We will learn about the history and legends of the ancient Bieszczady in Tajemnicza Solina Park.

View railway over Solina: which price list?

For a ticket for a ride on the PKL Solina sightseeing train – from the valley station of Plasza to the top station on Góra Jawor (up / down) – we pay PLN 32 (reduced) and PLN 39 (normal) in the online store

After the sale has started, by purchasing tickets in the online store for a ride on the sightseeing train in the tourist center of PKL Solina, you can count on prices that are 10% lower than the price of tickets offered at the counter in packages . PKL offers a family ticket, the so-called 2 + 1 for a train ride (up / down) for the price of PLN 99 and a family ticket 2 + 2 for the price of PLN 119Admission to the Watchtower, from where we will see the spectacular view of the Bieszczady Panorama and Lake Solińskie, and rest in the View Cafe, will cost PLN 10 (discount ticket) and PLN 15 (regular ticket).In all PKL centers children up to the age of 4 can use all services for free. Discounted tickets are available for children under 16, seniors over 65, students up to 26, disabled and group guardians. The center also honors the Large Family Card.

Source: PKL

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