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In this article we explain which buildings up to 70 m2 can be built without a permit and what to pay attention to in order to use the simplified procedure proposed by the Polish Order.

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House 70m2 without permit – Polish Lad

Building a house up to 70m2 without a permit is one of the elements of the socio-economic program that it is Polish Order† On the program are many changes, including the possibility to build a house up to 70m2 without a permit, only on the basis of a notification. There is no need to keep a construction logbook with construction work documentation and to hire a construction manager to monitor the progress of the work.

A house for residential purposes or a house for recreational purposes can be placed on the building plot. Both buildings must have specific parameters so that they can be built without a building permit.

House without a permit 70m2 – regulations

The principles of the Polish Deal on the Simplified Construction of Houses were incorporated into the Act of 17 September 2021 amending the Building Act and the Law on Town and Country Planning and Development.

70m2 house without a permit, what’s what?

You can build both a residential and a holiday home without formalities. What exactly do these buildings need to stand out?

Residential building

  • a single-family house, detached house,
  • a house with a maximum of two storeys,
  • a house that is located entirely on the plot or plots on which it was designed,
  • house built for private residential purposes.

holiday home

  • a one-storey building intended for individual recreation,
  • a house where the span of the structural elements is up to 6 meters and the span of the brackets is up to 2 meters.

It is also possible to build a house with an attic and a terrace with a total usable area of ​​no less than 90 m2 (because 70 m2 refers to the built-up area).

House without a permit 70m2 – on which plot?

On the website you can read that “in the case of a residential house there are no restrictions. You just have to make sure that the house fits completely on your plot. With recreational buildings it is different. For 500 m² plot, you can you build such a building.”

To build a house up to 70m2 without a permit in a certain area, you must have the right to use the property for construction purposes. Then – if the area on which construction will start is not covered by the local zoning plan – you can get a zoning decision from the agency within 21 days.

A year-round house without a permit of 70m2 in suitable construction conditions and with a good construction project

However, it should be remembered that a house without a permit must be built according to the law and must comply with the technical conditions applicable to the building itself and its location (such as minimum distances from the adjacent plot).

Let’s take a closer look at all the formalities related to the construction of a house up to 70m2 without permission.

Home up to 70 m2 without a permit – formalities

To use the program, you need to collect all the necessary documents. First of all, it is important to have a statement confirming that you have the right to use the property for construction purposes. In addition, you must have a plot or area development plan and an architectural and constructive design. The mentioned will also be relevant destination plan or a decision on building conditions and land use.

You need to confirm that too building a house is related to your own housing needs and – in the absence of a construction manager – you are responsible for construction management and construction supervision. The completion of all formalities to be prepared at the beginning of the whole procedure is a statement confirming that you have completed all the required documents.

Building single-family homes without obtaining a permit can be carried out to meet your own needs

The next step will be to submit documents to the building and construction administration, which can be the staroste or the city president. This can be done in person, by post or via the website.

At the end, you must report the date on which construction is planned to the Poviat Building Supervision Inspector. This can be done via the above website.

You don’t have to wait for an answer from the office and you can start building a house right away.

You must also inform the Poviat Building Supervision Inspectorate of the completion of construction – and if you do not receive a refusal within 14 days of the date of notification, you can live safely in your home.

In addition, if you are only interested in building a holiday home up to 70m2, you can count on less paperwork. The building design does not have to be made by a licensed architect and it is sufficient to submit a sketch or drawing of the planned development.

House without permit 70m2 – projects

On the internet you can find many sites that offer ready-made home designs. Among them there are numerous offers where the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe house does not exceed 70 m2, so that you can build such a house without a permit.

The cost of such a project will be about 1.5-4 thousand. PLN, and the cost of building a house with an area of ​​​​up to 70 m2 can reach almost 150 thousand. PLN for the raw state. Of course, everything depends on the exact area of ​​​​the house, the chosen building materials and labor. The cost may be higher if the building has complex construction or large glazing.

We will also pay more for an individual project – about 5-15 thousand. zloty.

House design 70m2 without permission - planned construction without the obligation to appoint a construction manager

Additionally from the second quarter of 2022 it is possible to use construction projects for freewhich will be published on the website of GUNB (Algemeen Bureau Bouwtoezicht).

House without a permit 70m2, turnkey

If you want to save time, you can opt for a turnkey finish for your home. Of course, it will be associated with a higher price than building a house only in its unfinished state, but you should also decorate such a house yourself and spend a lot of money on it. That is why – if you only want the house to be ready to move in as soon as possible – it is worth choosing a house without a key-ready permit of 70 m2.

In addition, thanks to ready-made furnishing designs, you can be sure that all rooms are arranged in a thoughtful and coherent way, so that the available space is adapted as much as possible to your individual needs.

House without a permit 70m2 – since when?

A house up to 70m2 without a permit can be built in a simplified procedure from January 3, 2022

Many people wonder whether such a house can be sold or rented out. On the website you can read that this possibility exists, even though the law does not set the conditions for such activities.

“Although the law does not impose any conditions on the sale or rental of a home up to 70 m2, you can sell or rent it out if your personal or property situation changes. The statement that the construction must meet your own housing needs confirms the factual and legal status on the date you submit the statement. You file this declaration under penalty of legal liability. It should prevent market abuse.” – message on the website

You will also find information that the ownership of such a home can be transferred to, for example, your children.

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