A safe summer in the country and beyond. Holiday prescriptions and doctor visits

  • Let’s remind you: mojeIKP is an application that allows you to use many features of the Patient Online Account
  • Patient.gov also reminds you that you can use the application, for example when you want to connect to the ambulance service
  • In the case of the offline mode, there are also medical documents downloaded when the application was last launched in connection with the network – so you do not need to have internet access to buy a prescription

Pharmacist arrested and running a pharmacy without permission.  He helped with methamphetamine

The e-queue to the cardiologist, for MRI and tomograph, started.  The National Health Fund has published a regulation

Peaceful and healthy holiday

The holidays have started for good, so the patient.gov portal reminds you of a useful application, thanks to which you can check the most necessary information and access medical documents at any time.

As the portal recalls, thanks to mojeIKP:

  • information is available about the medicines that the patient and the child are taking,
  • There are e-prescriptions available that can be purchased without providing a PESEL number,
  • the next dose of the drug will not be forgotten,
  • you can permanently buy an e-prescription everywhere,
  • selected medical data can be made available,
  • medical staff, pharmacists, medical institutions,
    there is access to the NHF Diet Portal,
  • you can count the number of daily steps.

Solutions available without logging in:

  • emergency call (number 999),
  • find important telephone numbers, incl. Uniform emergency number 112, First Contact Teleplatform (TPK) number 800 137 200, which works according to the same principles as night and holiday healthcare, with the difference that consultations take place by telephone and the Patient Information telephone number 800 190 590,
  • receiving notifications (only those addressed to all patients),
  • Receiving a medication reminder.

The Patient Online Account is not for everyone.  These groups of people from IKP do not benefit from it

Diets of the National Health Fund for myIKP.  More than 2,000 prescriptions are included in the internet patient account

mojeIKP in English.  Another solution for Internet Patient Account holders

Holiday recipes and a visit to the doctor

This is not the end of the amenities. By logging in to the application you will have access to all prescriptions in a few moments and in the pharmacy it is enough to show the QR code of the e-prescription to be scanned without giving the PESEL number.

Importantly, the application is also available offline – medical documents downloaded during the previous login are available. It is therefore not necessary to be connected to a network to use the Internet.

You may need to see a doctor. Then the mojeIKP application allows the doctor to provide the doctor with the necessary data, which will greatly facilitate the diagnosis.

An equally similar situation is a visit to a pharmacy, where the patient can count on the help of a pharmacist. A pharmacist may include:

  • indicate possible side effects of medicines,
  • inform about the availability of a cheaper alternative to the drug,
  • help complete the summer first aid kit,
  • advise in minor medical problems (poisoning, cuts, insect bites).

In some situations, the pharmacist can – in case of danger to health or life – write out a prescription (the so-called pharmaceutical prescription). However, such a prescription will not be refunded and you will have to pay 100% for the purchased medicine. Prices.

In emergency situations, pharmaceutical prescription.  It can save a life.  There are a few rules

E-prescription and PESEL.  When is it not necessary to administer it at the pharmacy?

Holiday abroad. Necessary documents

There are functionalities that can only be used on the Internet Patient Account, and not via the mojeIKP application.

This applies, among other things, to: application for an EHIC with which you can possibly treat during your holiday stay – you can easily submit this to IKP.

In turn, the use of, for example, events abroad can be facilitated thanks to UCC, which you always have at hand in the application.

The EU COVID Certificate (UCC) is issued to a person who:

  • have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (EU countries decide whether they need full vaccination or just one dose; Poland requires full vaccination),
  • have received a negative coronavirus test result (valid for 48 hours in Poland),
  • recovered from COVID-19 (UCC is valid from day 11 to day 180 after positive test).

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