Travel to the wells. “Odyseja Schulzowska 2022” in the open air

Schulz’s Sanatorium. In the picture. Małgorzata Polakowska and Jakub Kornacki // photo: Marzena Chojnowska


Starting this weekend, the nooks and crannies, yards and playing fields of Gdynia will become the stage for intriguing theater performances based on the prose of Bruno Schulz. All this is thanks to the Gdynia Główna Theater Project, which aims to encourage viewers to discover together the rich meanings of the writer from Drohobycz. The promotion is a continuation of last year’s activities as part of “2021: The Odyssey of Lem.”

Last year, together with the Gdynia Główna Theater, we escaped from the pandemic reality to futuristic visions of the future of worlds Stanislaw Lem† However, this time we return to the sources – to the mythology of youth, sensual contact with nature and recognizing oneself in multi-layered prose Bruno Schulz

As part of the project “Odyseja Schulzowska 2022” the theater presents two performances to the public –“Mature to Childhood” directed by Ewa Ignaczak and “Sanatorium” directed by I’m going stork

The performances will be performed in interesting and non-theatrical venues in Gdynia. In this way they reach all residents and the special landscape matches or contrasts with the content and stimulates a lively discussion about art.

“Odyseja Schulzowska 2022” is part of this year’s celebrations 130th birthday and 80th birthday the death of the writer. The project is funded by the city of Gdynia.


  • Saturday, June 25 at 6:00 PMPrimary school no. 26ul. Tatrzanska 40forest plots,
  • Sunday, June 26 at 6:00 PMComplex of General Secondary Schools No. 8ul. Wiczlinska 50 Awiczlino,
  • Sunday, August 14 at 6:00 PMGdynia Glowna Train Station, Plac Konstytucji 1Centre,
  • Friday, August 19 at 6:00 PMSchool and Kindergarten Complex No. 3, ul. Nigeria 73Dąbrowa.

Performances in Polish are performed outdoors. Two titles are presented at each location – the performances are played one after the other. entrance is free

About the performances

“Mature to Childhood”
based on prose Bruno Schulz
Screenplay and directionEwa Ignaczak
FormIda Bocian, Jacek Panek and Filip Wojcik
Light and musical arrangementMarzena Chojnowska
Stajnia Pegaza Theater

History Josephwho “matures to childhood” by building his own mythology based on the images of his early childhood, floating between reality and sleep, creating supersworlds, a magical space and believing that the omnipotence of dreams will allow you the to recreate the world, to his new creation.

These are images that people only receive early in their lives, they disappear or transform when they grow up. However, they always remain as memories.

In 1936 Schulz wrote to Andrzej Plesniewicz

– The kind of art that is on my heart is exactly regression, it is my youth back. If it were possible to retard development, to re-enter a kind of detour from childhood, to have its fullness and immensity again – it would be the fulfillment of the “age of genius”, the messiah times , who are promised and sworn to us by all mythologies. My ideal is to grow up in childhood.

“Sanatorium” based on prose Bruno Schulz
Screenplay and directionIda Stocian
FormMalgorzata Polakowska and Jakub Kornackic
lightMarzena Chojnowska

There is another time in this sanatorium, parallel to the real one. to pass? Future? Gift? Simultaneous or asynchronous?

Viewers, along with James, they will embark on a journey to this peculiar and remote shrine, where their abode will become a journey through their own memory and imagination. Here the line between reality and delusion is irrelevant. Everything is a potential that allows you to escape routine and grayness.

In the performances of the Gdynia Główna Theater, the atmosphere of prose is suggested schulz it draws in viewers with its metaphysical depth, and the dreamy and poetic nature of the story is meant to trigger a predisposition to find personal interpretations and contexts.

More information about the project can be found on the Facebook event.

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