They paid for the journey to a better world with their lives. 46 dead migrants in a trailer in Texas

Three people were killed and many others injured when a passenger train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago carrying about 275 passengers and 12 crew members crashed into a dump truck in a remote, rural area of ​​Missouri on Monday and derailed.

Eight carriages and two locomotives of the line Southwest Chief derailed after hitting a dumper that blocked a public transit near Mendon, Missouri, at 12:42 p.m., according to a statement Amtrak.

The crossing is unguarded and there are no electronic warning devices or barriers, officials said. Local authorities helped the workers Amtrak on the spot.

Two people who died were on the train, while a third was the driver of a truck blocking the passage, reported Amtrak.

Nearby hospitals reported admitting more than 40 patients as a result of the disaster, with more expected.

National Council for Transport Safety investigating the crash sent a team of 14.

Passenger Robert Nightingale said he was taking a nap in his bedroom when the accident happened. The collision caused a dumper to crash and parts of the car were scattered across the track.

Nightingale, an art gallery owner in Taos, NM, who travels frequently Amtrak to Chicago, nothing happened. He and the other passengers were able to get out of the overturned car through the window.

Another passenger, Jason Drinkardsaid the car he was driving suddenly overturned and people flew out of their seats and landed on top of themselves.

“The armchairs fell apart. Bags were everywhere, said Drinkard, who was boarding Union Station in Kansas City.

“People started to panic because they thought the train was going to catch fire, so we tried to get out of there as quickly as possible.”

Mike Spencerwho grows corn and soybeans on the land around the intersection where the accident happened, said the intersection was dangerous, especially for people driving heavy and slow farm equipment.

Access to the tracks is on a steep dirt road and it is difficult to see the trains going either way.

Spencer has previously contacted government transportation officials, Chariton County Commissioners and BNSF Railway about the potential hazard. He said the dump truck driver was transporting rocks from a local stream.

Other passengers on the train were high school students from Pleasant Ridge High School in Easton, Kansas on their way to the Future Business Leaders of America conference in Chicago, the inspector said. Tim Beying and 16 children and eight adults from two groups of Boy Scouts who traveled to Appleton, Wisconsin after spending time in New Mexico.

No one in the Boy Scouts group was injured, it said: Scott Armstrongdirector of national media relations for Boy Scouts of America, and the group assisted in providing first aid to several injured passengers, including a dump truck.

At least eight medical helicopters from across the state were involved in the rescue, and some of the injured were in critical condition.

The helicopter footage of the scene shows the train carriages lying when rescuers used ladders to climb one of them. The video also shows six medical helicopters parked nearby to transport patients.

Nearly 20 local and state law enforcement, ambulance, fire and medical services attended the scene.

To reach Chicago, the line Southwest Chief stops at the station in Naperville. Other Illinois stops on the route include Galesburg, Princeton, and Mendota.

It takes time to travel from Los Angeles to Chicago Southwest Chief about two days. Mendon is about 140 miles northeast of Kansas City.

One passenger tweeted that survivors had sought refuge at a local high school in Mendon, Missouri, writing:

“I’m very grateful to the people here, safe at Northwest High School near Mendon. This city has come together to help everyone.”

Another train on Sunday afternoon Amtrak it collided with a car at an intersection in Brentwood, California, killing three women and injuring several others.

source: chicago grandstand
Photo: You Tube, Twitter

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