Summer is here! Get ready for the heat!

Summer is here! Get ready for the heat!

There are many sunny, but often warm days ahead. Holidaymakers enjoy the high temperatures the most. For those dealing with the heat in the office or at home, fans, air conditioners and other cooling equipment will bring relief. It’s worth getting the right equipment before it gets really hot and disappears from store shelves. We advise what you should pay attention to when buying.

After a long winter, most of us look forward to warm days, but when they come, we look for a break. As the temperature of the environment rises, our well-being deteriorates, which can affect not only the comfort of life, but also the efficiency of our work. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of products on the market that will help you solve, or at least significantly minimize, these problems.

There are many models of refrigerators in stores. Before buying, it is worth considering what exactly we expect from them. A well-selected product will serve us for many years and provide various solutions. Let’s start by determining in which room we are going to use it, what power of the device we need and most importantly what financial capabilities we have – emphasizes Andrzej Aleksiejczuk, Kupiec AGD at MediaMarkt.

MediaMarkt’s fan range includes desktop, standing and column models. desk fans are the simplest and cheapest solution. They fit on a desk or a cupboard and provide point or small room cooling. They differ in power (usually from 20 to 50 W) and the size of the propeller – the larger, the greater the flow of cool air and the operating range. They are best for small spaces and individual cooling. They will be better for big rooms standing fans – with a power of 40 to 70W, adjustable in height (up to approx. 150 cm) and a swivel range of up to 90 degrees. Column models instead of one propeller, they have many blades and the airflow is just as good as traditional fans with a power of 30 to 90W. An additional advantage is that they take up little space. Some fans are equipped with a remote control that can be used to regulate the intensity of the airflow or set the operating time of the unit. Some models also have an air ionization function.

Fan prices start at a dozen zlotys for a portable mini fan. Desktop devices can be bought at prices of several tens of zlotys, while for a standing or column device we pay between 99-600 zlotys. More expensive models have additional functions, for example, they will additionally humidify the air in the room.

Examples of products in this category available at MediaMarkt:


Fan ok. OtF231-W


HB DF 2301 fan


OK.OSF 4332W RC Stand Nice Fan

MPM MWP-30 fan

MPM MWP-17 fan



Fan OK OTF 5321 W.

OK.OMTF 33321 B Mini Tower Fun fan


Circulation pumps all year round

Apparently similar to fans, they are a device with a slightly different function circulation pumps† They move the air, but do not direct it to points, but ensure sufficient circulation, ie even distribution throughout the room. This ensures temperature equalization, which is why the circulation pumps can be used not only in summer, but also in winter.

Examples of products from the MediaMarkt range:

HB AC3040S circulation pumps

HB AC2320S circulation pump

air conditioners

Air conditioners are more sophisticated devices that lower the temperature in the room. In MediaMarkt you will find portable air conditioners that effectively cool the air in every room. When buying an air conditioner, you should pay attention to its performance, which depends on the power – advises Andrzej Aleksiejczuk of MediaMarkt. † To find the minimum required power, multiply the height of the room by its area, then we get the result in m3† On every3 we need 45W of air conditioner power. It is also worth taking into account other factors, such as south-facing windows.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the airflow parameter (powerful air conditioners can “convert” up to 300 m in an hour3 air), a speed that can be adjusted manually or automatically, and a range of temperature settings. Air conditioners may also have additional equipment, for example LCD screen, timer, infrared remote control, wheels. The purchase of an air conditioner will cost more than a thousand zlotys.

Examples of products from the MediaMarkt range:


HONEYWELL TC10PCEI Air Conditioner with Ionizer

HB AC0080MW air cooler

MPM MKL-01 air conditioner

Portable air conditioning:

Air conditioning KOENIC KAC 9022 W WLAN

Air conditioning WHIRLPOOL PACW29COL

Air conditioning ELECTROLUX EXP26U338HW

OK OAC 7020 W air conditioning

If we want to take extra care of the air quality, air purifiers are a good choice, eg

Philips AMF220 / 15 air purifier / fan / heater


The high temperatures are slowly starting to warm up, so it pays to hurry up with the purchase of a fan or air conditioner.



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