Summer 2022 – the most fashionable styles of dresses and skirts

Summer 2022 brings a mix of styles, textures and colors into fashion. Lovers of retro style, minimalist and multicolored styling fans will find something for themselves. This season there are dresses and skirts that emphasize our femininity. Sensual cutouts, ruffles, sequins and puff sleeves are a must in the summer. Many of them were in stores in the spring. We recommend which styles of skirts and dresses are an absolute must-have!

Wondering which dress or skirt to choose to be on top? This season everyone will find something for themselves! Let’s start with corset dresses† This is a trend that returns in a modern form after many years. We used to associate these kinds of dresses with evening outings. Currently, you can wear a corset with, for example, a white shirt dress. A well-chosen corset that is not too flashy in shape can be a great addition to office work. You look elegant and original. It is important that the dress is not too short – the knee length is perfect. The shirt can be oversized. If you don’t want your outfit to be contrasting, you can opt for a navy blue corset dress and a shirt in the same color. If you want to be formal, you can wear a pied de poule corset and a gray shirt.

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White shirts in the mini dress version will also be on top. You can put on sneakers or sneakers, but also sandals. If you want to add a little spice, team it with an evening bag and high heels. As you can see, this type of dress is suitable for shopping, a walk and a date. It all depends on the additions. In the summer season, colorful A-skirts will be in fashion, we are talking about modern, geometric patterns and prints. The material that reigns supreme is silk – both the dress and the skirt will look very noble. This styling is perfect for a night out, summer outings and a date.

Fashionable and comfortable skirts

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If you are a minimalist, you like simplicity, then you will like a different cut of the dress. Fashion rules the catwalks models with sensual cutouts† We’re talking classic dresses that won’t overwhelm the style with their color – white, nude, navy blue or black are an absolute must-have. Opt for a dress with a plunging neckline at the back, if you don’t like it – think about emphasizing your shoulders or neckline. Importantly, these types of dresses will draw attention to our strengths, leaving imperfections unnoticed. This type of styling is more suitable for a private outing, for work you can wear a jacket or coat – if you have chosen a dress with a deep neckline on the back.

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Lovers of the romantic style will be delighted with the next trend they are puffed sleeves† This applies to dresses and blouses. Designers chose voluminous sleeves and ruffles. It’s a throwback to the 60’s – extremely feminine stylizations. Puff skirts are also completely hot right now. In this configuration you can opt for a modern print, a mix of patterns and colours. You look classic in white or beige, but if you want to stand out, opt for a dyed fabric. Another trend that retro style lovers will love is flash† Imagine a gold fringed dress or a sparkly little black dress with off the shoulders and a sweetheart neckline.

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We mentioned dyed fabrics – they are the hit of the season. A-line or cocktail dress in fashionable, shaded fabric will look unique on you. There is one rule worth following: if you want to look stylish, choose two matching colors. This doesn’t mean it has to be just one color in a different shade – for example the bottom of the dress is navy blue and the top is blue – this combination will certainly look good, but you can also go for a combination of pastel colors – eg pink and blue or more intense – if you like them.

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