Run. Zielone Kujawy Foundation has appealed to GDOŚ against the decision to close the proceedings regarding Kępa Bazarowa

Zielone Kujawy Foundation has appealed to the Directorate-General for Environmental Protection against the decision of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, which concluded that no damage to the environment had occurred after the felling of trees at Kępa Bazarowa in Toruń. He asks for annulment or revocation of the decision. This concerns approximately three hectares of riparian forest, including in the Natura 2000 area.

As previously reported to PAP, the Toruń public prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the felling of trees in Kępa Bazarowa during the renovation of the Piłsudski. The spokesman for the district prosecutor’s office, Andrzej Kukawski, said the prosecutor’s office is still trying to clarify the matter.

Toruń: The parquet will cut trees in Kępa Bazarowa

The mayor of Toruń, Michał Zaleski, has informed about the decision of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection of June 13 to terminate the procedure related to the issuance of a decree imposing the obligation on the entity using the environment to take preventive and corrective measures with regard to the potential for environmental damage to protected species and protected natural habitats as a result of felling of trees.

The Zielone Kujawy Foundation has appealed the decision of RDOŚ in Bydgoszcz in its entirety

As determined by the Polish news agency, Fundacja Zielone Kujawy has appealed this decision. She appealed in its entirety against the decision of RDOŚ in Bydgoszcz and applied for admission to the proceedings as a party.

The Foundation is claiming annulment of the decision that, in its opinion, was taken in gross violation of the law, namely without an interested party in the decision, namely the Zielone Kujawy Foundation. In the alternative, it applied for annulment of the contested decision in its entirety and for a ruling on the obligation to take preventive and remedial measures with regard to the risk of environmental damage to protected and protected natural species resulting from the felling of trees in a part of a riparian forest on the Vistula with an area of ​​2.9 ha.

As Mariusz Warachim of the Zielone Kujawy Foundation told PAP, the social side was the first to inform the Inspector General of Environmental Protection of the initiation of the environmental damage procedure on February 17.

Prosecutor’s investigation into tree felling at Kępa Bazarowa in Toruń

“In view of the above, it can be assumed that the official initiation of the procedure, and not at the request of the informing Mr. Piotr Marach, was intended to deliberately omit the social side and to deprive the possibility of participation in the course of the procedure Warachim noted.

According to Warachim, the regional director for environmental protection in Bydgoszcz has not exercised due care in ensuring public participation in the proceedings.

The mayor of Toruń refers to the advice of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection

Toruń President Michał Zaleski said at the conference last week that based on the above findings, it was determined that the felling of trees and shrubs had no significant adverse impact on the Natura 2000 site – including the conservation objectives set out in the RDOŚ Regulation. (…) He also refers to the regional director for environmental protection that there is a need to take actions aimed at recreating the environmental losses that have occurred,” said President Zaleski.

The RDEP decision mentions, among other things, the placement of 25 bird boxes, the planting in forest areas and various trees of species appropriate to the habitat, the restoration of meadows and the installation of information boards about bird species and their habitats.

“There is later information (in the decision – PAP) that the range of possible negative effects was at the 0.003 percent level. (…) The decision is final, legally binding and binding on all parties and persons interested in the decision,” President Zaleski emphasized.

Zielone Kujawy Foundation sees it differently

“It should be noted that the environmental damage procedure ultimately covered an area of ​​2.9 hectares of habitat, which is 19.3 percent of this area per area of ​​15 hectares adjacent to the investment. In the opinion of the foundation, the litigant body was inconsistent, and this approach to the authority is incomprehensible and may indicate an interpretation motivated by the need to make an order in proper terms, and not an actual estimate of the damage related to the specific area in which it occurred “- the foundation indicated in the call to JDOŚ.

Kępa Bazarowa is an island between the Vistula River and its southern tributary, the Little Vistula – exactly opposite the historic center of Toruń – a medieval urban complex classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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