Projects are voted on in Ustroń

From June 25 to July 5, residents of Ustroń can vote for projects eligible for implementation under this year’s edition of the Citizens’ Budget 2022.

The residents of Ustroń can vote for selected projects electronically or in person on a paper card during office hours (Mon – Fri 7:30 – 15:45) at the registry office of Ustroń Town Hall (ground floor, room no. 2) . 30).

In this year’s edition, the residents of Hermanice, Nierodzim, Polana, Ustroń Dolny and Ustroń Górne vote. In the other districts (Lipowiec, Ustroń Centrum, Poniwiec and Zawodzie) one project was submitted. After their verification, the projects were automatically placed on the list selected for implementation.

Which projects can be voted on per district?


– Adaptation of the playground in Kindergarten No. 4 in Hermanice – PLN 400,000.00

The kindergarten has a large beautiful garden. Part of the playground equipment has been damaged due to lack of money for investments. The playground will be equipped with three new devices, namely a merry-go-round, a locomotive with a cart and a shop house. The locomotive is equipped with a tube passage, a ramp and a platform. A safe surface is created under the carousel, adapted to the fall height of the device, taking into account the safety zones. 90 children go to kindergarten. Providing the playground with the right equipment will help to stimulate their integral development.

– Playground at ul. Różana – climbing set – PLN 400,000.00

The management of Estate Hermanice proposes to complete the project from 2021. We want to use documents already prepared and you don’t have to pay for the next project. A climbing set with a secure surface is a great addition to the playground and will appeal to older children.


– ADVENTURE digital language studio – PLN 400,000.00
The project “Digital language studio ADVENTURE” concerns equipping the language room with specialized software, digital recorder, interactive monitor and 24 stand-alone stations with headphones and dynamic microphones for each student. The implementation of the project will make it possible to work simultaneously with students of different language proficiency levels. It will allow learning adapted to the student’s individual abilities and pace of work. It gives you the opportunity to train your pronunciation easily and loudly through dialogue, perfecting your speech and communication skills, while breaking the natural resistance to conversation in a foreign language. Modern solutions in education are instruments that are always worthwhile, especially if they guarantee more efficient education. Today’s students find their best in digital reality, so we have no choice but to give them such an opportunity.

– Stadium shelters for substitutes – PLN 33,000.00

Due to the poor technical condition of the shelters for reserve players, it was necessary to replace them. The project concerns two roofs with plastic seats of 10 pieces each, together with the realization of a platform made of paving stones.

– Adjustment of the playground in Nierodzim – PLN 160,000.00

Retrofitting the playground by purchasing and installing two devices – the so-called jumpers.

– Roof painting and purchase of equipment for the volunteer fire brigade in Ustroń-Nierodzim – PLN 40,000.00

On behalf of the volunteer fire brigade in Ustroń Nierodzim, we kindly ask you to support our project. The first part of the task provides for the purchase of new fire helmets, which will allow to replace worn and damaged helmets, ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions for firefighters during activities for the safety of the inhabitants of our neighborhood and the entire city. On the other hand, the second part of the project involves painting the roof slopes of the buildings in the “Olszynka” district. Renovation is necessary to prevent the progressive corrosion of the sheet metal as a result of the roof becoming detached and the destruction of the supporting structure. Without resources from the Citizens’ Budget, the implementation of these plans will be impossible, so we thank you in advance for every vote cast.


– Creative child = enterprising adult – PLN 5,000.00

As part of the project, art and technical materials will be purchased for daycare workshops for children from our residential area following OP Ustroń’s SP-3. Children’s creative activities develop entrepreneurship. Thanks to the workshops, our children will actively spend their free time and develop their potential and interests. The funds raised will make it possible to purchase plastic items and devices suggested by children for cutting and embossing shapes and patterns using ready-made dies and templates. Invest in the future of your estate, because in the future a creative child is an enterprising adult who takes care of the development of our estate.

– Safe school – video intercom and remote surveillance SP-3 of the OP – PLN 35,000.00

As part of the project, an external monitoring system will be installed around the school building and video intercoms at the school entrances and kindergartens. The cameras will not only increase the sense of safety of children and parents, but also of the residents of the estate. The video intercom increases child safety and makes it easier for parents to pick up children from daycare and kindergarten.

– Documentary film showing the uniqueness of the holiday district of Jaszowiec – PLN 39,940.00

A short documentary that shows the uniqueness of the holiday district of Jaszowiec. Through the image and the word, we want to make all recipients of the document aware why the former communist holiday facilities are so valuable from an architectural history point of view and are treated as a national cultural heritage to be protected. We will invite the authors of the well-known film “Uzdrowisko”. Architecture of Zawodzie”. We hope the film will be an important voice in the discussion about the revitalization of the neighborhood.

Ustron Dolny

– Safe pedestrian crossing – PLN 35,000.00

Illumination of pedestrian crossings with improvement of road markings.

– Construction of a mini playground – PLN 400,000.00

Construction of a children’s playground. Devices for children of different ages.

– “Health resort. Unrealized pre-war development plan of Ustroń” – publication of a publication with an original description and a contemporary commentary on the first comprehensive urban project in the history of the city. – PLN 31,700.00

The first local spa development plan for the central part of Ustroń coincides with the area of ​​the current Ustroń Dolny district. In the preserved documentation we find, among other things, the idea that the former train station in Ustroń would be the beginning, a gateway to a modern, modernist resort in the form of a resort, and at least a representative promenade leading from it would extend all the way to today’s market square. Plans for this deployment were thwarted by World War II. The project includes the publication of a publication in which the development plan of the spa in Ustroń from 1931 by Eugeniusz Zaczyński together with its description will be included. It is a cultural project that will make the residents of the neighborhood aware of the role that this part of Ustroń could play, if not before the outbreak of the war. It will also help promote local patriotism. Copies of the publication will be donated to schools, libraries and other institutions in the city, giving everyone a chance to see old ideas and plans. An additional advantage is the availability of a free version on the Internet.

– In the world of the senses – sensory integrated – PLN 37,099.00

The space of the Sensory Integration Room and the therapy room on the first floor of the pre-primary education requires additional equipment and renovation. About 500 students attend the school, many of them need this place for proper development, functioning, developing strengths, enhancing the sense of security and belonging to the school community. Currently little has been invested in this place, equipped with old tables and cupboards that recall the beginning of the school. The solution to the problem will be to equip the therapeutic room on the first floor of pre-school with a modern cozy place that will promote the development of a child at any level, giving the opportunity to immerse themselves in the surrounding reality find in an interesting and tangible way – the methods and equipment that will be there to serve this purpose, as well as retrofitting the Sensory Integration Room with a professional atlas with full equipment and basketball baskets (baskets will be placed in the gym, allowing they are used by children who are not only under AI therapy but all the others there will be specialist methods such as: sensory integration, hand therapy, Weronika Sherborne, Dennison’s method, art therapy, bilateral integration Appropriate and professional equipment and tools will facilitate the rehabilitation and ease children’s problems in a maximum way and diversify.

– Active Ustroń Dolny – pool activities for children, adults and seniors – PLN 40,000.00

The project includes free leisure activities at the pool for residents: – aqua aerobics for seniors 30h – aqua aerobics for adults 30h – swimming lessons for children from 7-11am – 33pm – Nordic walking training – picnic for all participants.

Ustron Gorny

– Kindergarten – great, valuable learning and great fun – PLN 38,327.00

The project aims to serve the youngest residents of the Ustroń Górny residential area, who attend Kindergarten No. 1 in Ustroń every day, and their relatives. The assumption of the project is the renovation and modernization of equipment in the kindergarten yard, as well as retrofitting with recreational and educational equipment. We want the “One” kindergarten to become the foundation of a “green kindergarten” and an integral part of the whole educational process, a place for the multifaceted development of children. In the future, the garden space can be used even more for nature education activities and the development of exercise games. Children who are active in the environment of nature have fewer problems with motor coordination, concentration, gaining knowledge, making contacts, they are more open and empathetic. On the playground and during gardening, children learn about the world, experiment, play and create. They learn to use simple garden tools and develop the habit of systematically caring for plants in the garden.

– “Library closer to us” – PLN 39,000.00

The “Library closer to us” project concerns the purchase and installation of an external lock for books and library materials. The dropbox (also called library trainer) makes it easy to return borrowed books and CDs 24 hours a day. The device can withstand external conditions and does not require an electrical supply. This is placed from the parking lot at the entrance of the library building. Thanks to the safe, borrowed library materials can be returned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A series of adult and children’s author meetings and concerts are also planned to spice up the assembly of the device and make it more functional. The project also includes the purchase of new publications so that the facility’s offerings are attractive and provide an incentive for the residents of Ustroń and tourists visiting the city.

Details about the projects can be found at The voting results and the list of approved projects for implementation in 2022 will be published by 13/07/2022 at the latest.


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