let’s plan a vacation in terms of health and safety

As part of the “Zdrowe Życie” project, under the patronage of President Andrzej Duda and the President’s wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, a debate was held in the Presidential Palace on Tuesday with the participation of specialized doctors treating adult Poles and children. advised on how to spend their holidays safely and healthily.

National Adviser on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr. Aleksandra Lewandowska, MD, Ph.D. emphasized that the recipe for a successful holiday is to be considerate of yourself and others. “It’s a universal recipe that anyone can fulfill – a child, a teenager, an adult and also with no expiration date” – she said.

She pointed out that being mindful means being able to listen to yourself and others, and holidays are a special time for relationships. “We all realize that the growing number of mental health problems in children and adolescents shows us that we still have a lot to do in this area” – emphasized Dr. Lewandowska.

She drew attention to the dangers that young people can face during the holidays. This – as she said – for example, contact with stimulants. She encouraged conversations with the children. “But if your parent assumes you’re underage, I know better (…) that the problem is over,” she said.

National public health adviser Prof. Jarosław Pinkas pointed out that it is worth getting interested in medical care in a particular city or country while traveling. “We must have health insurance, which is extremely important. We must always have a sense of health security, it is full when we plan what can happen to us, or what we need to do to limit all kinds of risks” – said Prof. Pinkas.

He also encouraged people to quit cigarettes and other tobacco products. “This is the time when we can dedicate ourselves to our loved ones and give them what we can’t during a year of hard work” – added Prof Pinka’s.

Pediatrician, lung disease specialist Dr. Marek Migdał noted that the lack of proper vacation planning sometimes leads to tragic events. “Children left unattended suffer injuries and accidents. According to police statistics, 50 children have died on Polish roads in the past year. Some of them are children under 6 years old. They die because sometimes they drive without tying up in the right seat. This is also planning a trip and the safety of our children,” he said.

At the same time, he added that 20 children have drowned in Poland by 2021. “They drowned for lack of supervision” – admitted Dr. Migdał on.

He also advised in which situations parents should take their child to the doctor during the holidays. “Then, when the child becomes less reactive, sleepy and unresponsive to stimulation, he stops taking fluids orally, it is red light. (…) Fever lasting more than 48 hours is also a cause for concern Then you should see a doctor,” said Dr. Migdał.

The expert also warned against leaving the drugs in a place accessible to the child and calling them “candy.”

According to Dr. Michał Sutkowski, a specialist in internal diseases and family medicine, you should develop vigilance for your own health and the health of your family.

He emphasized that when planning a trip, one should not forget to pack the first aid kit. “We must also not forget that everywhere in Poland there are doctors, including general practitioners, who will help us, for example, in obtaining a prescription” – noted the expert.

Prof. Pinkas added that you can ask pharmacists to fill out the first aid kit for the place we are going.

During the debate, experts also highlighted the concern for hygiene standards during the trip, adequate protection from the sun, caring for neighbors at high temperatures and the danger of giving mushrooms to children.

“The Children’s Memorial Health Institute has struggled for years with the habit of giving mushrooms to children. Mushrooms have no nutritional value, they have taste values ​​that adults appreciate” – said Dr. Migdał.

He added that in previous years, several dozen children were hospitalized due to mushroom poisoning during the summer season. He noted that awareness about this has increased recently and there are fewer of these cases. “There is no justification for giving mushrooms to perennial children” – emphasized Dr. Migdał.

The Healthy Life project is a nationwide campaign initiated by President Andrzej Duda. It is to promote health prophylaxis among Poles. This requires free tests, medical consultations and health education.

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