Laboratory Medicine Bill passed by the government

  • Today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers was all about: on the Laboratory Medicine Act
  • The government passed the bill. The local government of diagnosticians previously pointed to shortcomings, and the port – to misinformation being spread in the environment
  • He published a position on this matter, but no one signed it

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Design at a government meeting

During the Tuesday (28 June) meeting of the Council of Ministers, one of the items on the agenda was devoted to the draft law on laboratory medicine. The applicant for this project is the Minister of Health.

The draft defines the issues related to the principles and conditions for carrying out the activities of laboratory medicine, practicing the profession of laboratory diagnostician and the supervision and control of laboratories. It also concerns the organization and functioning of the self-government of laboratory diagnostics.

According to the project, the title of laboratory diagnosis will be available to people who have graduated in medical analyst or laboratory medicine.

Persons authorized to independently perform laboratory medical work in laboratories are:

  • laboratory diagnostician;
  • a practice doctor and a 1st or 2nd degree specialization in the field of analysis or in the field of microbiology or in the field of laboratory diagnostics;
  • a doctor with 2nd degree specialization in the field of microbiology and serology;
  • a doctor with the title of specialist in the field of laboratory diagnostics or the title of specialist in the field of medical microbiology.

Laboratory diagnosticians will be able to practice as part of their professional practice. At the request of a person with scientific or professional achievements based on the opinion of experts, the Minister of Health may consider this achievement as equivalent to carrying out the specialization training.

Those interested can submit applications for recognition of scientific and professional achievements to the Medical Center for Postgraduate Education.

Laboratory diagnosticians recognized by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport can take the specialization exam immediately and, after a positive result of this examination, have the title of specialist in a specific area of ​​laboratory diagnostics.
The solution will increase the number of specialists and thereby increase their availability in the medical services market.
A maximum of 6 working days of paid training leave will be introduced, which can use the laboratory diagnosis for the implementation of continuous professional development.

As a reminder, the document appeared on the pages of the Government Legislation Center website July 24, 2020.

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“Project should end up in the trash”: This is disinformation in the environment

June 15 this year The board of the National Council of Laboratory Diagnosticians outlined the inconveniences and inaccuracies in the bill.

– The National Council of Laboratory Diagnostics emphasizes the need to adopt the Act on Laboratory Medicine as a matter of urgency, but due to the particular importance of this Act for the profession of laboratory diagnostics, it must be thoroughly thought through and consulted with the environment. As representatives, we express our willingness to work together and talk to develop the best legal solutions, mainly to improve the effectiveness and quality of treatment for a Polish patient – this is the position of the Council, signed by the President and secretary to the board of directors .

One of the objections of the board of directors of KRDL is the liberalization of access to the profession of laboratory diagnostician, and another – the limitation of laboratory tests performed by the patient (the so-called POCT) only to those performed in the hospital. executed. The management also pointed to the wage issue and wants the remuneration of the chairman and members of the examination teams not to be included in the amount, but to be determined on the basis of the average salary.

Meanwhile, a later release from the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians, but unsigned, approves some of the solutions introduced by the project, including the aforementioned POCT schemes, paid training leave or specialization financing. He also points out that there has never been any mention of “throwing a project in the trash”.

– False information is given in the public space that the currently processed Laboratory Medicine Act should not be adopted in its entirety, because the currently binding Laboratory Diagnostics Act (from 2001) is much more favorable for laboratory diagnostics (…) . The information appearing are actions at the expense of laboratory diagnostics are untrue and deliberately mislead the environment – writes the Chamber.

– Some solutions are of concern to diagnosticians – for example the transitional period for the current regulations on access to the profession of laboratory diagnostician, but should the law be discarded in its entirety for this reason? – we read in the KIDL announcement.

KIDL notes that suspending proceedings would block several expected solutions and considers the applicable regulations archaic.

Now the project will be discussed by the Polish parliament.

The new solutions should come into effect one month after the announcement, with the exception of some articles that come into effect 12 months after the announcement.

Diagnostics critical of the laboratory medicine bill.  The post is signed by the Vice President and Secretary of KRDL

The laboratory medicine law is controversial.

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